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Head The jowl is also known as the ______
Belly Bacon, or side, is also known as the _______
Slab of bacon Retail cut of the jowl
Blade roast Retail cut of the boston shoulder
Loin chop Retail cut of the loin
Smoked ham Retail cut of the leg
Spare ribs Retail cut of the spareribs
Sliced bacon Retail cut of the bacon
Smoked picnic Retail cut of the picnic shoulder
Fattiest The bacon, belly, and side are the ________ parts of the pig
Seasoning in soups or broths The jowl is use for _________
Healthiest part of the pig The loin is the ________
Not as fatty The picnic shoulder, leg, and boston shoulder are ________
deck of cards, 3 A serving of pork is about the size of a ___________ and is _____ oz
1-2, 2-3 fresh pork can be stored in the fridge for ________ days if ground and __________ if regular
Vitamin B, iron, and zinc pork is an excellent source of _______
16 There are _______ cuts of the pig
Moist heat Less tender cuts of pork should be prepared by _________ methods of cooking
155-160 Pork should have an inner temperature of __________ degrees
A liquid mixture, flavor and tenderize meat A marinade is _________ used to ________
Loin The leanest cut of pork comes from the _____
31, 10 Pork has _____ % less fat than it did _____ years ago
Complete protein, essential amino acids, animal source Pork is a _______ and has all necessary _________ because it is a(an) _________
In the fridge overnight, in the microwave, or running cold water over it How do you defrost pork meat?
Fat content, wholesale cut, retail cut, price per lb, weight per package, date of use, price Items found on meat label
Protein Pork can be found in the _______ food group
2-3 servings How many servings of pork is recommended each day?
The meat is white, juices should run clear, and should be 155-160 degrees fahrenheit How can you tell when pork is properly cooked?
Created by: AJLinton