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chapter3-4 vocab

pedestrian ordinary; commonplace; mediocre
bona fide legitimate; genuine
fecund fertile; productive
deviate to turn aside from a course; to stray
obfuscate to confuse; muddle
impale to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
extenuate to lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses.
parochial local; narrow; limited
adventitious accidental; nonessential
glower frown; scowl
edify improve someone morally
ambiguous open to more than one interpretation; unclear; uncertain; vague
cataclysm a violent change; disaster
optimum best; most favorable; ideal
importune to ask persistently; to beg
celibate abstaining from sex; unmarried
fortuitous accidental; unexpected
perfunctory done without care; in a routine fashion
baroque overly decorated; ornate
hedonism pursuit of pleasure, especially in the senses
obloquy strong disapproval; a bad reputation resulting from public criticism
debacle complete failure; catastrophe
quasi- resembling; seeming; half
besmirch to make dirty; to stain
imperative extremely important
sacrosanct extremely holy
demeanor behavior
facetious comical; jocular
sadistic deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others
peremptory not allowing refusal or delay; authoritative
axiom an established truth; theorem
dulcet melodious; pleasing to the ear
patronizing acting superior; arrogant
iniquity evil or wicked act
archaic obsolete; outmoded
vacillate to sway indecisively; fluctuate; swing
abstemious frugal; moderate; consuming sparingly
talisman a magic charm or superstitious object used for protection or luck (clover)
expurgate to remove vulgar or objectionable material
pellucid transparent; limpid; clear
efficacious effective
catharsis a release of emotional tension
inundate overwhelm; fill beyond capacity
revere to regard with respect, awe, or adoration
internecine mutually detructive
risible comical; jocular
sybaritic marked by luxury or pleasure
estrange to alienate
intrinsic relating to a thing's basic nature
maxim an established principle
servile submissive; ignoble; dishonorable
apocryphal questionable authenticity; but widely believed; dubious; equivocal; spurious
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