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MedTerm Chpt5

cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o Skin
seb/o Sebum, Sebaceous (oil)
pil/o, trich/o Hair
sudor/o, hidr/o Sweat
cyan/o Blue
erythr/o, erythemat/o, erythem/o Red
melan/o Black
myc/o Fungus
adip/o, lip/o Fat
neur/o Nerve
artiol Arteriole
ichthy/o Dry, Scaly
kerat/o Hard tissue, horny tissue
xer/o, ichthy/o Dry
scler/o Hardening, Sclera
allo, homo Same
py/o Pus
therm/o Heat
cry/o Cold
carcin Cancer
staph A group of bacteria that cause many common illnesses
Psoriasis Chronic, noninfectious, inflammatory skin disease
Pruritus Itching
Palliative Giving relief but not curing
Acne Vulgaris Acne
Scabies Contagious skin disease caused by itch mite
Debridement Removal of dead tissue from a wound
Diaphoresis Excessive and unpredictable sweating
Allograft Same species
Autograft Same person
Synthetic Not of natural origin
Xenograft Transplanted from a different species
Biopsy Tissue sample removed from body for microscopic examination
Bolus Chewed food
Duodenum (small intestine) The upper most segment
Jejunum (small intestine) Middle segment
Ileum (small intestine) Lower segment
Four Sections of the colon Ascending, Transverse, Descending, and Sigmoid
splen/o Spleen
gloss/o, lingu/o Tongue
hepat/o Liver
ile/o Ileum
cholecyst/o Gallblader
esophag/o Esophagus
sial/o Salivary glands
gastr/o Stomach
pancreat/o Pancreas
rect/o rectum
an/o anus
proct/o anus, rectum
duoden/o duodenum
col/o, colon/o colon
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
or/o, stomat/o mouth
gingiv/o gums
chol/e bile, gall
choledoch/o bile duct
camedos Blackhead, Whitehead
emesis vomit
-phagia swallowing, eating
Diverticulitis Acute inflammation of the diverticulae
Cholelithiasis Gallstones
Splen/o Spleen
gloss/o, lingu/o Tongue
hepat/o Liver
Ile/o Ileum
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
esophag/o Esophagus
sail/o Salivary gland
pharyng/o Pharynx
gastr/o Stomach
pancre/o Pancreas
rect/o Rectum
an/o Anus
proct/o Anus, rectum
duoden/o Duodenum
col/o, colon/o Colon
sigmoid/o Sigmoid colon
or/o, stomat/o Mouth
gingiv/o Gums
chol/e Bile, gall
choledoch/o Bile duct
Created by: Brilynn32