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Urinary & Male Repro

Pus in the urine Pyuria
Painful urination Dysuria
Diminished amount of urine in relation to fluid intake Oliguria
Excessive amount of urine Polyuria
Cessation or stopping of urine production Anuria
Abnormally large quantity of protein in the urine Albuminuria
Abnormal presence of sugar in the urine Glycosuria
Inflammation of the bladder Cystitis
Uremia Renal failure
Dissension of renal pelviscaused by urine that can not pass blockage Hydronephrosis
Bacterial infection of renal pelvis Pyelonephritis
Inflammation of glomerulus and kidney Glomerulonephritis
Abnormal backflow of urine from bladder to ureter Vesicoureteral reflux
Hereditary disorder of kidney, grape like fluid filled sacs Polycystic kidney
Damage to glomerulus causing large amounts of protein in the urine Nephrotic syndrome
Inflammation of kidney Nephritis
Inflammation of peritoneum Peritonitis
Muscular tubes from kidneys to bladder Ureter
Mucous membrane lined tubes from the bladder to the outside of the body Urethra
Hollow muscular sac in pelvic cavity, reservoir for urine Bladder
Poisonous Toxic
Urine remaining in the bladder after urination Residual
Loss of control of bladder Incontinence
Eliminating urine from the bladder Micturation
Removing waste products from the blood when the kidneys can’t Dialysis
Houses testicles Scrotum
Tip of the penis Glans penis
Penis Male organ of copulation
Foreskin Prepuce
Skin lesion of syphilis Chancre
Inflammation of glans penis Balanitis
Tightly coiled tubules that store sperm Epididymis
Formation of sperm Spermatogenesis
Thick yellowish fluid Seminal fluid
Gland that surrounds the base of the urethra, secretes milky fluid Prostate gland
Testicles Orchid
Male Android
Opening of meatus on the underside of the penis Hypospadias
Opening of the meatus on the top side of the penis Epispadias
Blisters Vesicles
Undescended testicles Cryptoorchidism
Surgical fixation of testicles Orchiopexy
Removal of prostate Prostatectomy
Reversal of vasectomy Vasovasostomy
Cutting and tying of vas deferens Vasectomy
Dilation of veins of spermatic cord to testicles Varicocele
Inflammation of testicles due to virus Orchitis
Inability to achieve or maintain an erection Impotence
Absence of one or both testicles Anorchism
Tight foreskin Phimosis
Protrusion of intestines into the scrotum Inguinal hernia
Malignant tumor of the testicles Cancer of the testes
Malignant tumor of the prostate Cancer of the prostate
Malignant tumor of the perineum Cancer of the perineum
Malignant tumor of the urethra Cancer of the urethra
Destruction of sperm Spermolysis
Inflammation of the prostate Prostatitis
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