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chapter 2

define fraud knowingly or unknowingly concealing the truth
what are the three branches of government executive branch, legislative branch,
what are the two main branches that categorize laws public law and civil laws
define malpractice an action by a professional health care worker that has harmed a pt
what is a tort law governs the righting's of wrongs or injuries suffered because of someone else's wrong doings
what are the four subgrounds that divide the public law criminal law, constitutional law, administrative law, and international law
what are the four primary reasons for the rise in malpractice claims scientific advances, unrealistic expectations, economic factors and poor communication
what is unrealistic expectations when a pt expects a miracle cures but didn't happen as expected so they sue
what is economic factors some pt sue only because its an easy was to get free money
what are the two types of contracts implied contracts and express contracts
what is implied contract are not written but are assumed by the actions of the parties
what is express contract written or oral consist of specific detail
what are some reasons for a physician to terminate a pt pt doesn't come to appointments, pt has low bank accounts, pt is noncompliant with treatment
when a physician sends s termination letter what does it include reason for action, termination date at 30 days, statement saying there medical records will be transferred
what is implied consent if a pt is in a life threatening situation it is implied that the pt would give consent
what is informed consent referred too express consent
what is informed consent is the pt right to know every possible benefit, risk, or alternative to the suggested treatment
what does a consent form include name of procedure, name of physician, any risks, pt signature , alternatives to the procedure
what are some reasons not to ask a pt to sign a consent form if they don't understand the procedure, has unanswered questions or is unable to read the consent form
what is emancipated minor under the age of majority but is either married or self supporting and is responsible for there wages.
what deaths are reported to the medical examiner death of unknown cause, death from violence, death within 24 hours of hospital admission
what records does the state keep birth records, stillbirth reports, death certificates
what is the plaintiff the one the believes a mistake has been made
what is a defendant is the one that made the mistake
define assault a threat or attempt to touch another person
define battery touching a person without consent
what is intentional tort act that takes place with malice and with the intent of causing harm
what are three types of awards for damages nominal, actual, punitive
false statement about a persons reputation
libel is a written statement
slander a oral statement
what is the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination federal law that was passed to protect against employment discrimination
patient navigation trained individuals who assist pt
confidentiality not sharing information of pt to anyone
what are MA responsible for protecting pt confidentiality, following state laws and being honest
what does PSDA stand for Patient self determination act
what is PSDA gave all hospitalized pt right to make health care decision
what is advance directive statement of pt medical wishes
what is the civil rights act regulations forbid discrimination
what is fair labor standards act
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