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CVS- Pathology

embolism undissolved matter floating in the blood or lymph fluid
pericarditis inflammation of covering of the heart
leukemia cancer of blood-forming tissues, bone marrow and WBC
cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin, due to lack of oxygen
cardiology the study of the heart
endocarditis infection of the inner lining of the heart
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries- thick, loss of elasticity
phlebitis inflammation of the veins
anemia loss of RBC, low iron
varicose veins bulging veins due to valves that don't work
hematoma collection of blood in an organ or tissue
bradycardia slow heart rate
tachycardia rapid heart rate
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein with a clot
myocarditis inflammation of middle layer of heart
cardiac arrest sudden, unexpected stoppage of the heart
aortic pertaining to the aorta
coronary pertaining to the heart
thrombosis abnormal condition with a clot
edema swelling, large fluid volume in circulatory system
hypertension high blood pressure
hypotension low blood pressure
hemorrhage bleeding from a ruptured vesssel
hemorrhoidectomy surgical removal of a hemorrhoid
splenectomy surgical removal of the spleen
aneurism weakening and bulging of a blood vessel
congestive heart failure (CHF) heart can't pump enough blood for body
coronary occlusion closing off of a coronary artery
hemophilia genetic disorder- blood doesn't clot
hemorrhoid an enlarged vein- in rectal area
myocardial infarction (MI) heart attack- death of heart muscle cells
angina heart pain- insufficient blood and oxygen
coronary artery disease (CAD) narrowing of blood vessels of the heart
arrhythmia irregular heart rhythm
cardiomegaly enlargement of heart
angioplasty a procedure to widen blood vessels
epistaxis nose bleed
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