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standard precautions

How often should you change your mask? every 30 min
When should you use standard precaution? all the time
What does it mean to be asymptomatic? to not show symptoms
What is the most effective way to prevent the spread of ds? handwashing
What does asepsis mean? absence of disease-producing mircroorganisms or pathogens
When and by whom was the BBP standard established? 1991 by OSHA
What does BBP stand for? blood borne pathogen
How many injections does the HBV vaccine have? 3
Where do you dispose of used needles? A sharps container
What are the 3 main pathogens that are dangerous for healthcare workers? HIV, Hep B, Hep C
What are the smallest microorganisms? viruses
What are 5 common aseptic techniques? handwashing, personal hygiene, disposable gloves, cleaning of equipment, thorough cleaning of environment
What is HIV? Human immunodeficiency disease
Name 2 situations where you would wear gloves? contact with body fluid, any surgical procedure
What does ECP stand for? Exposure Control Plan
List several PPE's gown, glove, masks
What is considered infectious body fluids? mucus, vomit, blood, urine, feces, saliva
Where does contaminated linen go? biohazard bag
What do you clean a contaminated spill or surface area with? absorbent powder
What does HBV and HCV affect? liver
What is standard precaution? treating all patients as potential sources of infections
What does HIV and AIDS do to your body? weakens your immune system
How many days can HCV last in dried blood? several days
How can you see microorganisms? microscope
What is another word for germ? pathogen
What does PPE stand for? Personal Protective Equipment
Describe 3 situations when masks, protective eye wear, or face shields must be worn? surgical procedures, delivery a baby, suctioning
Should you ever recap a needle? No
Created by: maggiecatb28
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