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chapter 1


who wrote the first correct anatomy book Andreas Vesalius
invented the microscope Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
invented the stethoscope Rene Laennec
founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale
first woman to complete medical school Elizabeth Blackwell
Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen discovered x rays
sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin
Jonas Edward Salk discovered polio vaccine
John Gibbon made the first heart lung machine
C. Walton performed first successful open heart surgery
define cardiovascular repairs physical dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system
general preforms repairs on a variety of body parts
neurosurgery repairs disorders of the nervous system
orthopedic treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system
thoracic repairs organs in the rib cage
trauma limited to correcting traumatic wounds
vascular repairs disorders of blood vessels
what a Allergist does test to see allergic reactions
dermatologist treats skin disorders
hematologist treats disorders of the blood
oncologist treats and diagnoses tumors
orthopedist treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system
podiatrician treats disorders of the feet and poor circulation
urologist treats disorders of the urinary system
rheumatologist treats arthritis and other joint disorders
what are some administrative duties bookkeeping, handling the phone, completing medical reports, filing insurance forms
what are some clinical duties assisting medical care providers, obtaining medical histories, obtaining vital signs
laboratory duties low complexity laboratory tests, collecting and processing laboratory specimens
what are some coping mechanisms instead of doing drugs or drinking meeting friends, taking a bubble bath, go bowling, cleaning
what three aspects of adapting to coping to behavior identifying ways to modify the stressor, reframing the situation, creating boundaries
what does PCMH Patient Centered medical Home
what is the physicians responsible for diagnosing and treating pt
what is a paramedic trained to do trained to rescue and emergency procedures
laboratory technician trained in performance of laboratory diagnostic procedures
risk manager corrects high risk situation within the health care field
what is self boundaries setting limits on the relationships btw yourself and the pt
maxillofacial repairs disorders of the face and mouth
pediatric specialized tp early childhood
where are some places a MA can work physicians office, research facilities, walk in clinics
whats the purpose of the AAMA promote the professional identity and stature of its members and medical assistants
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