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Define Colonialism The policy of acquiring full or partial control over another country to exploit their resources and to civilise them.
Define Militarism Belief that countries should always have a well trained army.
Define Liberalism The holding of liberal views.
Define Imperialism Extending a countries power through colonisation.
Define self determination A country forming its own government.
Define Prestige Prestige: Perception of respect and admiration.
Define Power the ability or being able to have an influence over others or events.
Define Economics the condition of a region or group as regards to material prosperity.
Define Nationalism nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does
Define Patriotism A patriot loves his country and feels proud
True or false: is cheap/poor working conditions and labour to produce resources e.g. a con of imperialism? True
True or false: is Industrialisation a con of imperialism? false
True or false is slave trade a pro of imperialism? false
True or false is a loss of culture a con of imperialism? true
True or false is locals being stripped of rights to self-govern a pro of imperialism? false
True or false is infrastructure being built a pro of imperialism? true
True or false is medical and technological advances being brought to colonised countries a pro of imperialism? true
True or false is formal education being established a con of imperialism? false
True or false is investment in colonies a pro of imperialism? true
Explain reliability and give an example of a source that is not reliable? Whether or not your information is reliable is dependent on whether the source of that information is reliable. Like Wikipedia is not realiable
When was French Algeria taken back by the Algerians? 1962
When was the slave trade fully established 1850
By what time was most of Africa under European control? 1914
When was the union of Africa made? 1910
What was the name of the agreement signed in French Algeria? Evian Agreement
when was the French conquest of Algeria? 1879
Explain this motive for Imperialism Economic Sought ways to maximise profits. Cheap labour, control of markets and natural resources were needed. By hook or by crook. Imperial merchants = trading posts and warehouses. Control over check points. Egypt canal.
Explain this motive for Imperialism Exploratory Wanted to explore. For medical, research, adventure and imperialism are why they wanted to explore.
Explain this motive for Imperialism Ethnocentric The belief that one race or nations is superior. Bring successful culture to people they thought were inferior
Explain this motive for imperialism Political Patriotism. Security. Access for navies and armies.
Explain this motive for Imperialism Religious Spreading there chosen religion. Some helped to preserve native languages.
When was the opening Suez Canal? 1869
Define Colony Complete annexation. Governed internally by a foreign power. Colonialism- the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.
Define Protectorate Own internal government but under control of an outside power. E.g. French Morocco
Define Sphere of Influence Outside power claims exclusive investment of trading rights
Define Dominion A completely self-governing colony which is freely associated with the mother country. E.g. Australia and Canada within the British Empire.
When was New imperialism 1870-1914
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