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Ch 06 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

blepharoplasty surgical reconstruction of the eyelid
blepharotomy incision into the eyelid
dacryoadenectomy removal of the tear gland
dacrycystectomy removal of the tear sac
dacrocystorhinostomy creation of an opening between the tear sac and the nose
dacryocystotomy incision into the tear sac
enucleation removal of an eye
oculoplasty surgical reconstruction of an eye
opthalmectomy removal of the eye
corneal transplant replacement of damaged cornea with donated tissue
keratoplasty surgical reconstruction of the cornea
keratotomy incision into the cornea
miotic drug that causes abnormal contraction of the pupil
mydriatic drug that causes abnormal dialtion of the pupil
sclerotomy incision into the sclera
cycloplegic drug that paralyzes the ciliary body
cyclotomy incision in to the ciliary body
intraocular lens implant insertion of a new lens inside the eye
intravitreal antibiotics antibiotics administered directly into the vitreous gel liquid
iridectomy removal of the iris
iridocyclectomy removal of the iris and ciliary body
iridotomy incision into the iris
phacoemulsification fragmentation of an existing lens in order to remove and replace it
retinopexy surgical fixation (reattachment) of the retina
retinotomy incosion in to the retina
vitrectomy removal of the vitreous liquid from the eye
auditory prosthesis hearing aid
ceruminolysis breakdown of ear wax
ceruminolytic drug that aids in the breakdown of ear wax
ear instillation ear drops
ear lavage rinsing/washing the external ear canal
mastoidextomy removal of the mastoid
mastoidocentesis puncture of the pastoid
otoplasty surgical reconstruction of the ear
myringectomy removal of the eardrum
myringoplasty surgical reconstruction of the eardrum
myringotomy incision in to the eardrum
tympanocentesis puncture of the eardrum
tympanolabrynthopexy surgical fixation of the eardrum to the labrynth
tympanoplasty surgical reconstruction of the ear drum
tympanostomy creation of an opening in the eardrum
cochlear implant electronic device that stimulates the cochlea, it can give a sense of sound to those who are profoundly deaf
labrynthectomy removal of the labrynth
labrynthotomy incision into the labrynth
ototoxic drug that is damaging to the ear/hearing
vestibulotomy incision into the vestibule
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