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Cardio Drugs

ADR of ACE inhibitors [CHF drugs] [vasodilator] dry irritating cough because of bradykinin
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) gives no cough because [CHF drugs] [vasodilator] no bradykinin effect
ADR of quinidine [anti-arrhythmia drugs] [Na+ block] Torsades du Pointes, cinchonism (constipation/diarrhea, tinnitus)
ADR of Amiodarone [anti-arrhytmia drugs] [K+ block] smurf skin, thyroid dysfunction
Lidocaine is DOC for [anti-arrhytmia drugs] [Na+ block] post-MI
ADR of Verapamil [anti-arrhytmia drugs] [Ca+ block] AV block
Adenosine is DOC for [anti-arrhytmia drugs] [unclassified] PSVT and AV nodal arrhythmias
Nitrates decrease pre-load by ______ and has an ADR of ______ [angina drugs] dilating veins; flushing and postural HTN
Nitroglycerine is DOC for [angina drugs] acute angina
Verapamil is contraindicated in [angina drugs] [Ca+ block] patient with CHF or AV block
What does Niacin do, and what is it's ADR? [anti-hyperlipidemic drugs] decreases LDL, increases HDL, causes gout
Fibrates (have fibr in name) mixed with statins cause what? [anti-hyperlipidemic drugs] myopathy
What does Propanolol do, and what is it's contraindications? [anti-hypertensive drugs] [adrenergic antagonist] reflex peripheral vasoconstriction; CI in prinzmetal angina, asthma, COPD, diabetics
Methyldopa is the DOC for ________ [anti-hypertensive drugs] [adrenergic agonists] hypertension in pregnancy
What should you not prescribe with Verapamil? [anti-hypertensive drugs] [Ca+ block] beta-blockers, it causes cardiac arrest
What does Nitroprusside do? [anti-hypertensive drugs] [direct-acting vasodilator] vasodilates arteries and veins by releasing NO and cyanide ions, DOC for hypertensive emergency
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be used for ______ and their MOA is _______ [anti-hypertensive drugs] [diuretics] Acute mountain sickness prophylaxis; inhibits Na-H antiport
What are loop diuretics (sulfonamides/Furosemide) the DOC for, and what is their MOA? [anti-hypertensive drugs] [diuretics] Acute pulmonary edema in heart failure patients; inhibits Na/K/2Cl transport
ADR of Furosemide [anti-hypertensive drugs] [diuretics] hypocalcemia, ototoxicity
ADR of Spironolactine and its MOA [anti-hypertensive drugs] [K+ sparing diuretics] anti-androgen effects, peptic ulcer; aldosterone antagonist
Created by: ASG32