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chapter 1

who was the first women to complete medical school in the us Elizabeth Blackwell
what is one of the 20th century's greatest killers polio
who found the American Red Cross in 1881 Clara Barton
what did C. Walton Lillehei do and what was his invention. he preformed open heart surgery successfully and invented the the first heart and lung machine.
when discovering the CT scan what all can it show a doctor tumors , cysts and inflammations
MRI are a magnetic field what are they used for they are used to detect bleeding and tumors
what is called the map of the body and what is it used for PET scan, used for to see the tissues and can see where cancer is in the body
what does HMO stand for health maintenance organization
define trauma limited to correcting traumatic wounds
describe vascular repairs disorders of blood vessels
what are some administrative duties bookkeeping, medical reports, handling calls, scheduling appointments
what are some clinical duties measuring height and weight, documenting medical records, sterilizing instruments
what is self boundaries setting limits on the relationship between yourself and your pt
what are three adaptive coping behavior identifying ways to modify the stressor, reframing the situation, creating boundaries
what are some coping mechanisms you can do take a bath, hangout with friends, clean, go out bowling
nurse practitioners are trained to do what diagnose pt and treat illness
Created by: shari glenn