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Mod A Unit 1 Vocab

Mod A Unit 1 Vocab Chapter 2

hypo under
hidr sweat
erythro red
onycho nail
pachy thick
xero dry
rrhea flow
osis condition of
clysis injection
tome instrument to cut
a condition of thickening of the prickle-cell layer of the skin acanthosis
loss of hair alopecia
absence of pigment in the skin, hair & eyes albanism
2 major layers of skin epidermis and dermis
scar left after the healing of a wound cicatrix
blackhead comedo
literally means laying down; bedsore decubitus
a skin condition cause by a fungus dermomycosis
overgrowth of scar tissue caused by excessive collagen formation keloid
malignant cancer of the epithelial cells carcinoma
one who specializes in the study of skin dermatologist
pertaining to jaundice icteric
the pigment that gives the color to skin. Formed in the stratum germinativum melanin
nail biting onychophagia
contageous skin disease caused by fungus, marked by localized discolored scaly patches. (Tinea) ringworm
excessive flow of oil from the sebaceous glands seborrhea
pertaining to below the nail subungual
a fungal condition of the hair trichomycosis
Created by: angelcap99