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Blood Libels and...

When did the Christians new religious fervor start? What was this called? Around the year 1000, the Christian start a religious fervor called the new piety
Why did Christians start becoming Pious at the time? That Satan would break out from prison and wreak havoc on the world
Who actually killed Jesus and why? The Romans killed Jesus because they thought he was too influential and might cause an uprising and revolution
How did the Romans know where Jesus was? Because the rabbis, who didn't like him, gave up where he was
Why did the Christian Church blame the Jews for Killing Jesus? When did the idea for blaming the Jews start? Because they gave up where he was. This started in the 4th century
How did the Romans kill Jesus? They Crucified him
Officially, how long ago did the Christians of stop blaming the Jews for Killing Jesus? About 200 years ago
Are there still some Christians who blame the Jews for Killing Jesus? Yes
Do the Christians believe in the Torah? What do they call it? Yes, they call it the Old Testament
What was the Christians replacement theology? They believed that the Jews were the chosen Nation up until they killed Jesus and G-d kick them out. They thought that they were the new chosen people because they accepted Jesus
If the Christians were the new Jews, why were there still Jews? The Jews had to be the witness people for when Jesus comes back and they bear witness to their sins
What were most Jews jobs? Why was this their job? Jews were money lenders because they cannot join trade guilds or be apprentices
Did the Jews lend money with or without interest?
Could most Jews hold land and titles? No
What did the Jews have to wear to be identified as Jews? A funny hat or badge
When were Jews officially given the job of money lenders? What did the law include? 1123. Jews can only live in certain cities in the certain amount of them must be money lenders
What happened if a person did not want to pay Jews back? They wouldn't blame the Jews for something terrible, create blood libels, and cancel out debts
What were the Jews accused of when being money lenders? How is this contradictory? Jews were accused of charging usury (absurd amount of interest). However, the Lombardi family who was an Italian money lending family, their interest was even higher
Were there taxes on Jews, and if so how many? In Germany alone, there were 38 taxes just for Jews. Jews were taxed for birth and death
What is a ritual murder / blood libel? An accusation made against the Jews that they were using the blood of Christian children for Jewish ritual practices
Who had initially come up with the idea of blood libels? Who had they accused? The pagans, who had accused the Christians
What would the Christians do if they found a dead Christian Child? Make the child into a sane, Massacre the Jews, and the church gets Rich from the Jews property and Relics (saints body part or whole body)
What were four reasons the Christians claim the Jews were doing ritual murders? 1.Jews use Christian blood to make matza 2.Jews uffer from hemorrhoids because they killed Jesus and best cure is to drink Christian blood 3.Jewish boys menstrate need blood transfusions 4.Jewish men lose too much blood in circumcision and need more blood
When and where was the first major blood libel? In 1144 in Norwich, England
What happened in the Norwich, England? Jews were accused of kidnapping a Christian Child named William and draining his blood. Theobald the Monk said that the Jews tortured William, stabbed him, and nailed him to a cross. It was near pesach they said they used his blood to make matza
What was one of the most dangerous things for Jews at the time? What is an example? Jews who converted to Christianity because the convert would want to be loyal to Christianity and say bad things about the Jews. Theobald the Monk was a Jew who converted to Christianity
How did William from Norwich, England really die? From an epileptic seizure
When and where was the second major blood libel? the 20th of Sivan 1171 in Blois,France
Where is Blois? Central France
What happened in Blois, France? One night, a Jew was watering his horse and sees a gentile adult drowning a gentile child. The murderer doesn't want to get in trouble, so he blames the Jew. He tells the local ruler he saw this happening.
What resulted from the Christian telling on the Jew in Blois? The local ruler arrest 31 Jewish leaders, men,women, Baalei HaTosfot. The ruler accuses his prisoners of killing the child for matzo blood.
What happens to the Jews in Blois after they are accused? Next,he locks them in a tower and baptizes them. he say they convert he let them live but they don't convert be killed painfully. No Jews converted. They tied up and supposed to be burned alive. The Jews started singing aleinu and fire didn't consume them
What is the second method that the ruler tries to kill the Jews with in Blois? Now, the ruler orders for his men to beat the juice to death and tries to burn their dead bodies. The Jews are killed but their bodies don't burn
How did we commemorate what happened in Blois and who set this up? Wrap a new time set up a fast to commemorate this day
Why were all the Jews killed in Blois? All the Jews needed the blood and we are also seen as one people
When and where was third major blood libel? 1255 in Lincoln, England
What is the legend that happened in Lincoln, England? Jews of England gathered together for a wedding. Day after wedding, Christian child- Hugh, was missing for 3 weeks + was found dead in a ditch. The Jews were accused of fattening him with bread + milk for 3 days and gathering for crucifixion.
What resulted from the accusation of Hugh? A Jew was forced to confess because of torture and nearly 100 Jews were arrested. 19 of those arrested, were hanged. Only 19 were killed because they needed Jews to pay taxes.
What was an annual occurrence at the end of the 13th century? Who disagreed with this? To accuse Jews of blood libels. The blood libels were said falsely by most Jews converted to Christianity and even the Pope.
What is a Catholic custom? What are the details? Catholics have a custom called communion, in church on Sundays. They eat a bite of cracker and take a sip of wine. They do not think it is actually Jesus, but the cracker symbolic of his flesh and the one is symbolic of his blood
What did some Christians say about Jews and communion? Some of the Christians said that the Jews believed in this too, so they said the juice is stuck pins in the wafer, pour boiling water on them, or mash them up into a mortar to destroy Jesus
When,where, and why were additional pogroms? At the end of the 13th century, in Germany there were lots of progroms for anti-semitic reasons
Where and who did the first explusion? King Philip Augustus expelled the Jews from France
What was the reason King Philip Augustus expelled the Jews? What were his two options? King Philip Augustus needed money. He could either text them or Exile / kill them
What happens when King Philip Augustus runs out of money after expelling the Jews? He invites them back
Where is the second explusion? From England
How come the Jews are expelled from England? They are accused of counterfeiting money
After being expelled from England, where did most Jews go? France
What happens to all the Jews possessions when they are expelled? All of the juice possessions and debts are now owned by the king
Where is the third explusion? From France
Where did Jews start moving after they were expelled from France a second time? East
What is the talmud? The gemara
What are Jews that convert to Christianity called? What is an example of one? Jews that convert to Christianity are called a משומד-apostate. An example of this is in Nicholas Donin
From where and to is Nicholas Donin traveling? Who is he going to see? He travels from France to Rome, he is going to see Pope Gregory the 9th
What does Nicholas tell the Pope? What does the pope do about this? The gemara is very important to the Jews. In 1239, the pope sent out a law to see if there's anything in the gemara which insults Christianity. If it does they will have to Outlaw the gemara.
When it does the Pope's law take place? The police come on Shabbat while everybody is in synagogue and take their cameras
What was the outcome of the police Gathering the gemaras? It was put on trial
Who defended the gemara on its trial? Rav Yechial MiParis
Who was Rav Yechial MiParis going against in the trial? Who won? Nicholas Donin. In the end it was Nicholas Donin who won
What happened to the gemaras? A couple years later after the trial they burn 24 car loads of gemara in a Public Square in Paris
What was written to commemorate tis book burning and who was it written by? Sheaili Srufah BaAish is a lamentation written by Rav Meir of rothenburg
Who was a student of Rabbeinu Tam? The Ri Damipierre
What did the Ri do when he knew that the Christians were going to do something bad? He had a 60 students memorize one chapter of Gamera, so that the Jews of France can rewrite it
Created by: ebab