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SAT Vocab

learn them!!!

meticulous adjective; excessively careful
urbane adjective; notably polite or polished in manner
sagacity noun; the quality of being keen in judgement
edify verb; uplift
muse verb; to become absorbed in thought
malleable adjective; capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or by pressure
bucolic adjective; pertaining to or suggesting an idyllic rural life
eloquent adjective; having or exercising the power of fluent and appropriate speech or moving expressive
halycon adjective; calm, peaceful, happy, or carefree
ego- prefix/root word; self
grat root word; pleasing
inter- prefix; between, among or jointly
nov root word; new
enigma noun; puzzle, mystery
lament verb; grieve, sorrow expression
omnious adjective; threatening
superfluous adjective; unnecessary, excessive
con- prefix; with
crypto- prefix; hidden secret
em- prefix; into, cover with
ob- prefix; in the way/against
disseminate verb; distribute/ spread
bombastic adjective; high-sounding/ inflated
inherent adjective; firmly established by nature
mitigate verb; appease/ moderate
augment verb; increase/ add to
fervor noun; glowing adore/ intensity of feeding
gregarious adjective; sociable/ very friendly
tenacity noun; firmness/ persistence
anthro- prefix; human
com- prefix; together
-cord- suffix/prefix; heart
phil- prefix; love
altruistic adjective; unselfishly generous
pervasive adjective; spread throughout every part
vilify verb; slander
zealot noun; fanatic
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