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my fav undertale aus

all of the aus i like and or adore and some that might or actualy interest me

au namewhy i like this au
undertale I like the origanal universe because everything is so calm if you have a pacifist rought also I love the way toby made the game and all the details.
underfell I love this au because of how the role of sans and papyrus works and I like the kill or be killed thing because how a simaler au is because of this.
flowerfell I love this au because how sans and frisk fall in love yet everyone wants to kill her but sans protects her even from paps but I do admet that how frisk dies of all the flowers on her body is really sad.
underswap I like this au because of sans HE IS SOOO ADORIBLE OMG!! and i like how all the characters swap places it makes the au interesting.
corrupted! Well i dont know th au very well buut i know zeffer which is the sans of this au he is so cute also i ship him with dusttale sans LOL
inktale I love this au soooo much i am basicly the human female ink plus i am a really big joker soo i am a real life sans acording to all 15 which undertale charater are you so YAYYY!!
errortale I like this au because of error sans he is cool and odd shy yet bold (and maby i like this au because i ship ink and error so umm...)
dreamtale I like this au because of dream he is soo nice and inoccent he also wants to help save his brother from jelosy and he is always fighting his brother and other bad sanses to protect others dreams.
aftertale I like this au because of geno i ship afterdeath so umm but he is such a stubborn sans and i like this about him.
reapertale i love this au because of how umm.. it is greek mythology and
Created by: gyuro.isabella25
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