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Heald Med term study

Comprehensive Study Guide for Med Term final exam

What is a myosarcoma? Malignant tumor in muscle tissue
What lobe of the cerebrum controls motor functions? Frontal Lobe
What combining form means plaque or fatty substance? ather/o
What is NSAID? Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory Drug
Surgical incision of the pharynx is called what? pharyngotomy
What is KUB? Radiographic study of Kidneys, ureters, bladder
What is fibrocystic breast disease? Single or multiple cysts in the breast(s).
What term describes the partial dislocation of a bone from a joint? Subluxion
AKA the knee cap... patella
Which test is performed to determine losses in peripheral vision? Visual field testing
What is the upper portion of the sternum called? Manubrium
What valve controls the flow of food and water from the stomach to the small intestine? Pyloric Sphincter
What combining form means white? leuk/o
What is the term that describes an opening in a bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass? Foramen
AKA Bad breath... halitosis
What is an anastomosis? Creation of connection between 2 hollow or tubular structures.
What is conization? Removal of cone of tissue from cervix.
What is the normal excreting of urine called? micturition
What disorder is characterized by the presence of kidney stones? nephrolithiasis
What part of the bone stores fat? yellow bone marrow
What is dorsiflexion? bending foot upward
What is jaundice? excessive bilirubin in the blood
What is laryngoplegia? Paralysis of the larynx
Which blood test is used to confirm HIV? Western Blot
What term means that a cancer has spread? Metastasis
What does hemoglobin do in the blood? Transports Oxygen
What instrument is used to examine the tympanic membrane? Otoscope
Which structure in the ear is important in maintaining equal pressure within the middle ear? Eustachian tubes
What is a paradoxical drug reaction? Opposite effect than intended.
What combining form means nerve? neur/o
What is osteomyelitis? inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
Which immune system components contribute to the immune defense by coordinating immune defenses and by killing infected cells on contact? T cells
Varicella is AKA what? chickenpox
What is flexion? bending a limb at a joint
what is a pericardiocentesis? removing fluid from the pericardial sac
What is auscultation? listening for sounds with a stethoscope
what is catabolism? breaking down of body cells
which condition is an inflammation of the brain? encephalitis
Created by: pdxtim520