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Maders Prado Chp 13

Lymphatic & Immune

What is Lymph fluid? Fluid that has escaped from the blood vessels
Where specifically does lymph leak from? Capillaries
What is the lymph called that isn't intracellular or intravastular? Intersticial
Lymph is pushed out by blood pressure aka ____? Osmosis
Where are lymph vessels located? Where ever there are blood vessels
Less smooth muscle means lymph moves ___? slower
how does lymph move? valves
Localized tissue fluid accumulation Edema
Causes of edema are local injury, decreased uptake of fluid, and _____. Blockage to lymphatic flow
Besides maintaining fluid balance and defense what does the lymphatic system do? absorb fat from digestive system
what is the lymphatic system for? Pathogens that made it past the first line of defense.
What are the lymph nodes for? Filters
Where are lymph nodes generally found? Where body segments join
Inflammation of lymph glands Lymphadenitis
Inflammation fo lymphatic vessels characterized by red streaks Lymphangitis
Site of storage for B-Lymphocytes Bone Marrow
Site of storage for T-Lymphocytes Thymus gland, or generally mediastinum
Where are the old or defective RBC broken down? spleen
where are platelets stored? spleen
What is the role of the tonsils? filter and capture pathogens and antigens
Aggregations of lymphanoid tissure in small intestine are known as what? Peyer's Patches
What is it called when antigen, or debis is engulfed and destroyed Phagocytosis
Where are the monocyte located? inside vascular tissue
What does a monocyte become after it engulfs a subtance? Macrophage
Do lymphocytes attack every antigen or specific antigens? Specific
What do B-cells produce> Antibodies
Antibodies are aka? Immunoglobins
Do antibodies directly kill antigens or just attach? Attach
B-cells are antigen _____. specific
B-cells produce what? Memory b-cells
The two types of T-cells are killer or cytotoxic and ____? Helper T-cells
Helper t-cells release what> cytokines
killer T-cells do what to antigen cells bind to membrane and perforates hole in antigens cell membrane
Natural killer cells are ______ specific non-antigen
programmed cell death apoptopsis
What do cytokines do? enhance the immune response
A non specific response to injury is a _____ response? Inflammatory
the two types of immunity are natural and ____ immunity Aquired
Two types of aquired immunity are active and ____ immunity Passive
If you have had chicken pox and your body made antigens what type of immunity is this specifically? Active
How do you have a passive immunity? Breast milk or igG (Gamma globulin) injections
hypersensitivities are aka allergies
Extreme form of allegery anaphylactic shock
What is a autoimmune disease? Immune system doesn't recognize itself
immunosupression? immune system doesnt work effectively
Created by: SMitchell24



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