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Ch 05 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

anesthetic a drug that causes loss of sensation
general anesthesia anesthetic that causes complete loss of consciousness
local anesthetic anesthetic that does not affect consciousness
regional anesthetic anesthetic that is injected int a nerve causing loss of sensation over a particular area
topical anesthetic local anesthesia applied to the surface of the area to be anesthetized
epidural anesthetic anesthetic applied to the dural region of the spine
analgesic a drug that relieves pain
anticonvulsant a drug that opposes convulsions
antidepressant a drug that opposes depression
antipsychotic a drug that opposes psychoses
anxiolytic a drug that lessens anxiety
hypnotic a drug that aids sleep
neuropharmacology the study of the effects of drugs on the nervous system
psychopharmacology the study of the effects of drugs on the mental process
psychotropic drugs that are able to turn the mind
thrombolytic a drug that dissolves clots
cerebrotomy incision into the brain
chemotherapy treatment using chemicals
craniectomy removal of a piece of the skull
craniotomy incision in to the skull
endartectomy removal of the inside of an artery
endovascular neurosurgery surgery on the nervous system performed by entering the body through blood vessels
lobectomy removal of a lobe
lobotomy incision into a lobe
neurectomy removal of a nerve
neurolysis destruction of nerve tissue
neuroplasty reconstruction of a nerve
neurorrhaphy suturing of a nerve (often the severed ends of a nerve)
neurotomy incisioni into a nerve
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