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ABT Important Facts

Where do you send your time card? Tina Walsh, tina@ appliedbehaviortechnologies .com
If you work little or no hours, is it ok to skip doing your timecard? No
How often do you submit timecards? Every other Sunday
Tell me the rules about doing office work for a BCBA (e.g. graphing data) *Must get BCBA permission first *Must have BCBA review and approve after it's done
If you're not sure if what you're doing is considered BCBA office work, what should you do? Ask my BCBA
When are supervision logs due? By the 5th of the following month
What are the 3 types of supervision? *In-office meeting with BCBA *In-home/session meeting with BCBA *BCBA reviewing a video they watched of you with you
If a BCBA watches a video of you but does not review it with you, does that count as supervision? No
How long do you have to pass the RBT exam after your hire date? 90 days
Where do the questions on the RBT exam come from? The RBT Tasklist
Where can you find the RBT Tasklist? On the BACB website,
Can you review items on the RBT Tasklist with your BCBAs during supervision sessions? Yes, it is encouraged
What is the format of the RBT exam? 85 Multiple Choice Questions
How many of hours of training are required before the RBT exam can be taken? 40 hours
Where should you document your RBT training hours? On the initial training log in my new hire binder
What is the RBT compentency assessment? An assessment filled out by my BCBA in which they visit me during sessions and observe me doing certain skills
What two things do you need to complete before starting to sign up for the RBT exam *40 hours of training *RBT Compentency Assessment
Once you're ready to sign up for the RBT exam, who should you talk to? Tina (Office Manager)
Does ABT cover the cost of certification and exam fees? Yes
How can you pay for certification and exam fees? *Use the ABT credit card *Pay for it yourself and bring in a receipt for reimbursement
Can you track and bill for your at home RBT study time? No
Does ABT cover the cost of certification renewal fees? Yes
Is an RBT creditential required to work with clients? Yes, but a 90 day window is given to new employees to secure it
What happens if you fail to complete the RBT process? I may be terminated because the RBT creditential is required by all funding sources
Can you spend an entire shadowing session doing observation only? No
How much time must be spent in the chair, working with the client? At least 50%
What is an Audit? When a BCBA visits you during a session, they will observe you, fill out the audit form, and then provide feedback to you
How often must you turn in an Audit Form? Once per month
How should you turn in an Audit Form? It should be stapled to your supervision log
Which clients and BCBAs should you do the audit with? Rotate through different clients and BCBAs each month
Who's responsibility is it to make sure you get audited each month? Mine
How can I make sure I get audited? When a BCBA is visiting you, ask them to do an audit
At what time during my BCBA's visit to a session should I request an audit? At the beginning of their visit
Who is supposed to provide the audit form, the BCBA or you? Me
How often are sessions notes written? At the end of every session
How often should session notes be collected and turned in to the office? Once per month
Where can you read about what to document in session notes? The new hire binder has a page in it titled "Documentation Requirements"
What are you expected to do at the beginning of every session? Read and initial the session notes from the previous session
How often should data be graphed? Once per month at a minimum
Where should copies of graphed data be filed? *The client's office binder *The parent binder in the home *A copy should be sent to the BCBA
Can RBT's graph data by themselves? Yes, but the graphs must be reviewed with them by their BCBAs
When should you turn in a concern/complaint form? If you told the Clincial Director (Chrissy) or the office manager (Tina) and the concern wasn't addressed in a timely manner
Within what timeframe should you submit an incident form to the office? Within 24 hours of the incident
Does ABT cover the cost of CPR certification? Yes
Can you bill for your CPR training time? No
When is your availability due each month? By the 20th
Who do you submit your availability to? Kim Pamplin,
If you want to take time off, who should you tell? Kim Pamplin,
If you want to take time off, when should you tell? ASAP or as soon as you know
What other things should you inform Kim Pamplin of? *How many hours you would like to work that month *If you would or would not like additional clients
If a parent needs to cancel a session, what should you do? Offer to make up the session before or after that time and let them know your availability. If you can't do it, give the parent's availability to Kim Pamplin
If you need to cancel a session, what should you do? Let the parent and the BCBA know ASAP. If early enough, you could try to find someone to cover. Or you could try to reschedule with the parents for another day
What program or session changes needed to be approved by a BCBA first? All of them
As an RBT, are you allowed to make program changes? No
As an RBT, are you allowed to answer parent questions about program purpose or a client's lack of progress? No
If a parent asks you about a programs purpose or a client's lack of progress, what should you do? Either refer them to your BCBA or let them know you will ask your BCBA and get back to them
As an RBT, can you offer suggestions to other RBTs on different cases? No
Created by: Cambam
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