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dict speak or say - edict-dictation-dictator
dox belief - orthodox, paradox
du- duo two dual, duology
em-, en- into, in embrace,enclose, encircle
esce becoming -coalesce
ex- out or way exit, exhale
extra-, extro- beyond or outside extraordinary
fid/e faith- bonafide,fidelity
fore before,earlier - forestall,forebear
gram writing,letters grammar, writing lesson
graph writing, recording stenography,graphics
hetero different heterosexual,heterozygous
homo same -homogenous, homologous
hyper excessive hyperactive,hyperbole
hypo under,below hypothermia,hypocrite
inter betwene intercede. interlude
intra=/intro inside. within introvert, intramural
junct joining ==juncture. conjunction==
--less without==listless=aimless-heartless
--logy the study of==biology, geology. psychology
mal\male malediction, malice
mis- bad or incorrect -misprint,misbehave/misstep
-ness state of being -likeness. greatness
non- not. without==nonfiction.
ob- against or before-- obdurate, obfuscate
omni- all, everything --omniponent,omniscient, omnivorous
pedi.pede foot==pedestrian,pedicure
phil love or affinity==bibliophile,philanthropy
pre before or earlier=pretest, preamble
pro-before or forward proceed, prologue
re- again, backwards==reaction, rebound,reuse
sub- under or lower submarine, subprime
temp time----temporal, contemprorary, temporarily
tort twist---tortous. contortion
trans- across or beyond---transnational, transit
un- not or opposite---unimpressive, unwanted. unwarranted
a- without ---amoral, amorphous.asexual
ambi- on both sides---ambidextrous, ambivalent
ante- against--antipathy.antisocial
anti- against----antipathy.antisocial
aqu-aqua water---aquatic, aqueous.aquarium
bene- good----benefit. benediction.benevolent
bi- two---bifurcate.biannual.bisect
bio- life---biology,biography
cede.ceed go or yield-----precede. exceed. recede
circum- around---circumscribe.circumvent
contra- against.opposite---contradiction.contraception
cycl circle---bicycle, cyclical
de-- reduce or remove----deesclate, defenestrate,decelerate
di-. dis apart or away === digress, disappear.diverge
Created by: Mavihayat41
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