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Toefl Vocab 161-180

undeniably - He undeniably has skills, but he needs to show more initiative. clearly true, absolutely
underestimated - The underestimated demand for tickets made the theater manager plan better for the next performance. guessed lower than the actual quantity, miscalculated
acknowledge - The foreman acknowledged the fact that there had been a mistake in the design of the house. to know, remember and accept the existence of something, to recognize
assortment - You have an assortment of elective courses from which to choose. a variety, selection
condensed - This is a condensed version of the original research report. made smaller, shortered, merged, summarized
disregard -They disregarded the no parking signs and were ticketed by the police. to pay no attention, to ignore
unravel - The detective was not able to unravel the mystery of the missing money. to organize, make clear, separate
vast - I have noticed a vast improvement in your English vocabulary. very much, very large, huge
charisma - She has a charisma that no other candidate possesses. a special quality that endears other people to the person who has this quality, appeal
endure - How he is able to endure living next to the airport is beyond my comprehension. to last, suffer pain, persevere
forfeit - Sometimes you must forfeit you native country's citizenship to become a citizen of another country. give up, relinquish
precarious - The diver put himself in a precarious situation among the sharks. not safe, firm or steady, hazardous
severe - The weather service issued a severe storm warning for most of the Pacific Coast. extreme, harmful, intense
wanton - Her wanton disregard of the rules was unexplainable. done without thought or consideration, senseless
widespread - There is a widespread rumor that there will be no class next Thursday. found everywhere, extensive
witty - Mark Twain was famous for his witty criticism. funny, humoristic
sporadic - The radio communications were subject to sporadic interference. irregular, not consistent
prominent - Their talent for locating oil deposits made them prominent geologists in the corporation. famous, having a high position
requisite - Here is the list of requisite courses for the master's degree in Biology. formally requested, demanded
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