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Ch 04 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

analgesic a drug that relieves pain
antiarthritic a drug that opposes joint inflammation
anti-inflammatory a drug that opposes inflammation
antipyretic a drug that opposes fever
carpectomy removal of all or part of the wrist
costectomy removal of a rib
craniectomy removal of a portion of the skull -- bone is not immediately replaced
craniotomy removal of a portion of the skull -- bone is immediately replaced
external fixation the fixation of a fractured bone from the outside (casts, splints, stabilizers, etc.)
internal fixation the fixation of a fractured bone from the inside (screws, pins, plates, etc.)
closed reduction returning bones to their proper position without the use of surgery
open reduction returning bones to their proper position through the use of surgery
metacarpectomy removal of a bone in the hand
orthotics a device that acts in the straightening or stabilizing of a part of the body
ostectomy/osteectomy removal of a bone
ostoeclasia the surgical breaking of a bone
osteoplasty reconstruction of a bone
osteotomy incision into a bone
prosthesis a device that is added to a body to replace a missing part or lost function
spondylosyndesis fusing together of multiple vertebrae
sternotomy incision into the sternum
tarsectomy removal of all or a portion of the ankle
tarsoclasia surgical fracture of the ankle (to treat clubfoot)
arthrectomy removal of a joint
arthroclasia the therapeutic breaking of a joint to allow for increased mobility
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
arthrolysis loosening of a stiff joint
arthroplasty reconstruction of a joint
arthrotomy incision into a joint
bursectomy removal of a bursa
bursotomy incision into a bursa
chondrectomy removal of cartilage
chondroplasty reconstruction of cartilage
fasciectomy removal of fascia
fasciodesis binding of fascia
fascioplasty reconstruction of fascia
fasciorrhaphy suturing of fascia
fasciotomy incision into fascia
myectomy removal of muscle
myodesis binding of a muscle
myomectomy removal of a muscle tumor
myoplasty muscle reconstruction
myorraphy muscle suture
myotomy incision in to muscle
tendectomy removal of a tendon
tendoplasty reconstruction of a tendon
tenodesis bonding of a tendon
tenolysis freeing/loosening a tendon
tenonectomy removal of a tendon
tenoplasty reconstruction of a tendon
tenorraphy suture of a tendon
tenotomy incision into a tendon
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