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Ch 04 A Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

ankylosing spondylitis a stiffening inflammation of the vertebrae
chondro-osteodystrophy poor development of bones and cartilage
craniosynostosis the premature fusing of the skull bones
dactylitis finger inflammation
hypertrophic spondylitis overdevelopment of the vertebrae causing inflammation
osteitis bone inflammation
osteocarcinoma bone cancer tumor
osteochondritis inflammation of bone and cartilage
osteochondroma a tumor made up of bone and cartilage
osteogenesis imperfecta a disease in whoch the bones do not develop correctly
osteomalacia softening of the bone
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
osteopathy bone disease
osteopenia reduction on bone volume
osteoporosis loss of bone density
osteosarcoma cancerous tumor arising out of bone cells
spinal stenosis abnormal narrowing of the spine
spondyloarthropathy joint disease of the vertebrae
spondylolisthesis the slipping or dislocation of a vertebra
spondylolysis loss of vertebra structure
spondylosis vertebra condition
arthritis joint inflammation
rheumatoid arthritis inflammation of the joints; symptoms resemble those of rheumatic fever
septic arthritis inflammation of the joint caused by infection
osteoarthritis inflammation of the joints, specifically those that bear weight
arthrocele hernia of a joint
arthrodysplasia abnormal joint development
arthropathy joint disease
arthrosclerosis hardening of the joint
bursitis inflammation of the bursa
bursopathy disease of the bursa
subluxation partial dislocation of a joint
achondroplasia a defect in the formation of cartilage
chondroma a tumor-like growth of cartilage tissue
chondromalacia abnormal softening of the cartilage
costochondritis inflammation of the cartilage of the rib
fasciitis inflammation of the fascia
muscular dystrophy disorder characterized by poor muscle development
myoclonus violent muscle contraction
myopathy muscle disease
myasthenia muscle weakness
myofascitis inflammation of muscle and fascia
myoma a muscle tumor
myosarcoma a cancerous muscle tumor
myositis muscle inflammation
necrotizing fasciitis inflammation of the fascia causing the death of tissue
polymyositis inflammation of multiple muscles
tardive dyskinesia condition characterized by the loss of muscle control
tendinitis/tendonitis tendon inflammation
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