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Ch 04 O Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

arthrocentesis puncture of a joint
arthrogram visual record of a joint
arthrography procedure used to examine a joint
arthroscope instrument for looking into a joint
arthroscopy procedure of looking into a joint
computed axial tomography (CAT or CT) imaging procedure using a computer to produce cross sections along an axis
electromyogram a record of the electrical activity of a muscle
electromyography procedure for measuring the electrical activity of a muscle
myography procedure for studying muscles
osteometry procedure for measuring bone
kyphosis humped back; abnormal forward curvature of the upper spine
lordosis sway back; abnormal forward curvature of the lower spine
scoliosis crooked back; abnormal curvature of the spine
carpitis wrist inflammation
craniomalacia softening of the skull
exostosis an abnormal growth of bone out of another bone
fracture a bone break
osteodystrophy poor bone development
osteolysis bone loss
osteonecrosis death of bone
osteosclerosis abnormal hardening of bone
polydactyl having more than the normal number of fingers (or toes)
spondylitis vertebra inflammation
spondylomalacia softening of the vertebra
syndactyly fusion (sometimes called webbing) of the fingers (or toes)
tarsoptosis flat feet
bursolith a stone in a bursa
effusion fluid build-up
hemarthrosis blood in a joint
hydrarthrosis water (fluid) in a joint
pyrarthrosis pus in a joint
atrophy underdevelopment, decrease, or loss of muscle tissue
hypertrophy over-development of muscle tissue
myocele hernia of muscle tissue
myolysis loss of muscle tone
myomalacia softening of a muscle
myosclerosis hardening of a muscle
myotasis stretching of a muscle
myotonia muscle tone
Created by: DarrinWan
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