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# 2 Food Technology

# 2 Food Technology Vocabulary

Chemicals added to food to preserve, or enhance nutrition, flavor, appearance or texture. Food Additive
A process in which some nutrients lost as a result of processing are added back to the product. Enrichment
A process of adding 10% or more of the Daily Value for a specific nutrient to a product by the manufacturer. Fortification
assists to evenly blend a mixture of two liquids and to assist in keeping them mixed Emulsifier
Substances added to a food to increase the shelf life of a product Preservatives
balancing a growing economy, protection for the environment, and social responsibility, so they together lead to an improved quality of life for ourselves and future generations Sustainability
Foods produced without the use of chemicals Organic
The modification of the DNA make up of products that impact the food supply Genetic Engineering
To expose or treat by exposing products to X-rays, ultraviolet rays, radium or some form of radiant energy Irradiation
To make unclean Pollution
The use of growth chemicals in food production to impact supply Hormone Treatment
Any chemical used for killing insects, weeds, etc. Pesticides
The scientific study of food and its preparation. Food Science
Created by: Gayla Anderson