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Mader's Prado chap11

Blood mader's A&P

Functions of blood Transport, defense, temperature regulation, and ph regulation.
Antigen tattoo on cell so immune system knows you are you
Pathogen Its a Foreign antigen
How does your core temperature drop? Vasodialation
What does kidney secrete to regulate ph? Sodium bicarbonate
What is the largest component of blood? Plasma
Plasma is primarily what? Water
The plasma proteins are ______, Globulins, and Fibrinogen. Albumins
Red blood cells aka Erythrocytes
White blood cells aka? Leukocytes
Platelets aka? Thrombocytes
Purpose of Erythrocytes? Oxygen carriers
what is Hemoglobin good for? Binds and carries Oxygen
Where are RBC made? Bone marrow
What signals the production of RBC kidneys sense it and release erythropoietin to the bone marrow
Where is erythropoietin from? Kindney
Where are the RBC broken down? Liver and Spleen
What part of blood are not true cells? Platelets
What is the parent cell of a platelet? Megakaryocyte
What does Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas stand for? Nutraphils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophiles, and Basophils
Where are Monocytes located? WBC in blood
Where are Macrophages located? WBC in body
What is Hemostasis? Blood clotting
-Blast immature cell
-cyte mature cell
Why do you vasoconstrict besides to warm up core? Clotting
What is a condition of to few RBC Anemias and reduced oxygen
What is a condition of too many RBC Thick blood and blood clots
What do you have to worry about if you have too few thrombocytes? Bleeding out or being a hemopheliac
Too may Thrombocytes? Blood clots
Too few WBC immunocompromise
Too many WBC? Not a problem, could indicate infection somewhere though
Thrombus Clot
Thrombosis Abnormal cond of having a clot
Embolus Moving matter (ie. clot)
Antigen Molecule on surface of cell (tattoo)
Antibody Immune system substance
What is blood type based on? type of surface anitgen
agglutination clumping mass of antigens and antibodies, sign of improper transfusion
Created by: SMitchell24