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Week 3

How many lobes does left and right have? Left 2; Rt 3
Name the type of fissure that the lungs have? Oblique and transverse/horitzontal fissure
What is a tongue-like projection in the lungs? lingula
Lung surface that faces the rib cage? costal
Lung surface that is on the bottom, which rests on diaphragm ? diaphragmatic
Lung surface that extend above clavicle and into 1st rib ? cervical
Lung surface that extends to the n?eck Coupla
Lung surface on left lung that face the heart? Medialstinum
How can you tell the arteries, from the veins and the bronchi? The bronchi are hard because of cartilage, arteries are thick-walled and veins are thin walled.
Grooves on the left lung caused by? Arch of aorta and cardiac impression
Groove on the RT lung caused by? the inferior vena cava, the azygous vein and the esophagus. Also has a (less prominent) cardiac impression.
blood leaves from lungs (oxygenated blood to the heart to be distributed) Pulmonary Vein
blood goes into lungs (deoxygenated blood)? Pulmonary Artery
If pulmonary arteries bring deox blood, the tissue need oxygen and nutrients, so what need a small artery ? Bronchiole artery,(which is a branch of the aorta)
TYpe of lining covers the lung? visceral
What do tertiary bronchi supply? Tertiary bronchi supply the bronchopulmonary segments
If you swallowed a nickel down the larynx, where would it most probably end up? In the right primary bronchi right before it splits into secondary bronchi
What type of epithelium lines bronchi? Simple epithelium facilitates diffusion.
Each lobe has a secondary bronchi which has how many branches to tertiary bronchi 10 each
Bronchus -> Bronchioles
Innervation to the lungs all motor innervation to lungs is ? GVE ( sympathetic and parasymathetic(vagus nerve innervates)
What does the parasympathetic innervation do to the bronchial muscles, blood vessels, and mucosal glands? Constrict blood vessels (vasoconstriction), constrict bronchioles. increase glandular secretion
Where are the preganglionic and postganglionic sympathetic nerve cell bodies found? Lateral horn of the spinal cord (preganglionic cell body). Lateral chain ganglion (post ganglionic cell body).
What nerve is carrying parasympathetic fibers? Vagus nerve.
What does the sympathetic innervation do to the bronchial muscles, blood vessels, and mucosal glands? dialates the blood vessels, and bronchial muscles and will decrease secretion VASODIALTION
What nerve is carrying the sympathetic fibers? pulmonary plexus
histamine release by mast cellsWhat binds to smooth muscle of bronchiole tree and cause contraction? histamine
Sympathetic nervous system causes ? bronchiodialtion
run along with the respirator tubes (not part of sympathetics)-run with the vagus nerve-have cough reflex-response to irritants that might get into respiratory track GVA
What blood vessel supplies oxygenated blood to the visceral pleura? Bronchiole artery (same as bronchiole tree)
In an allergic reation histamine is released by ? Mast cells
What is inhibitory to the smooth muscle, so cause it to relax, and causes glands on brochiole tree not to secrete bronchiodilation
-recognize that over surface of diaphragm, over heart parietal pleura
space between lungs and wall parietal cavity
space between the two pleura? is visceral cavity
covering of the lungs? visceral pleura
Lateral plate mesoderm splits into: -somatic lateral plate mesoderm-associated with ectoderm-splanchic mesoderm- associated with endoderm (lines it)
When embryo folds laterally bring amniotic cavity to surround-ectoderm forms outer body wall  forms epidermis-surrounds entire embryo
Created by: skumar5