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Ch 03 A Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

decubitus ulcer bed sore
dermatosis skin condition
dermopathy skin disease
eczema a red itchy rash that may weep or ooze, then become crusty and scaly
atopic dermatitis an unusual inflammation of the skin
hypertrichosis excessive growth of hair
ichtyosis a condition in the skin is dry and scaly resembling fish scales
postpartum alopecia baldness experienced by women after pregnancy
sclerodermatitis inflammation of the skin accompanied by thickening and hardening
scleronchia thickening and hardening of the nails
xanthosis yellowing of the skin
actinic keratosis horny skin condition caused by sun exposure
basal cell carcinoma cancerous tumor of basal skin cells
hidradenoma tumor of the sweat gland
malignant cutaneous neoplasm a harmful new formation of skin tissue
malignant melanoma a harmful tumor of melanin cells
squamous cell carcinoma cancerous tumor of squamous skin cells
acne vulgaris inflammation of the skin follicles
dermatomycosis a fungal skin condition
hidradenitis inflammation fo the sweat glands
impetigo a highly contagious bacterial infection of the skin
mycodermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by fungus
mycosis a fungal condition
onychodystrophy poor nourishment and development of the nail
onychomycosis a fungal condition of the nail
trichomycosis a fungal condition of the hair
actinic dermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by sun exposure
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatoconiosis a skin condition caused by dirt
seborrheic dermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by the discharge of oil (sebum)
steatitis inflammation of fat tissue
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