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Flavin EKG101 2019

Flavin EKG 101 week 2 2019

Electrocardiography is the test most frequently used in the diagnosis of _____ disease in the ambulatory care setting. heart
The electrocardiograph records both the intensity and the actual time it takes for each part of the _______ cycle to occur. cardiac
An irregular cardiac rhythm is called a(n) _____________. arrhythmia
Ten sensors called ________ are placed on the patient's arms (two), legs (two), and chest (six) to pick up the electrical activity of the heart. electrodes
Standardization has been determined by international agreement so that an ECG can be ______ in the same way anywhere in the world. interpreted
An artifact is unwanted, erratic movement of the __________ on the paper resulting from outside interference. stylus
Baseline interruption occurs when the _____ connection has been interrupted. electrical
The physician can determine two important heart functions when interpreting the ECG: heart rate and heart ______. rhythm
The implantation of a(n) _______________ into a patient sometimes corrects cardiac conduction system abnormalities. pacemaker
A pulse of 106 would be considered? tachycardia
Under 50 bpm is called: ___ bradycardia
s/s of MI could be: chest pain, SOB, jaw pain, pain in the neck radiating down the left arm.
Is an EKG the same as an EEG? No
If you have a flat line on the EKG paper it could mean that the electrode was not ___. attached to the patient
Where does V1 go? The right side of the chest over the 4th intercostal space.
RA stands for which limb? Right arm
Why is it called a 12 lead? because it takes 12 views of the heart
What is cardiac arrest? The heart stops completely.
What are some benefits to a digital EKG? Quick access, saves time and can store up to 300 records.
3 facts about the EKG paper. Sensitive to heat, pressure and is costly.
How do you know the EKG paper is about to run out? The red line on the top will appear such as a receipt.
You should make sure the pt is doing what before hitting the capture button on the EKG machine. Uncross their legs, lay still and do not talk.
If a pt has an amputation of an arm you would apply the arm leads where? below the collar bone bilaterally.
Using alcohol on the patient is to: Remove any oil, lotions, perfume and or topical applications from the skin to allow for better conduction.
The pt. should always sign a___________ before the EKG is obtained. consent form
How many phases of an MI are there? 4
A defibrillator is: A device that delivers a shock to the heart. (often to shock back into a rhythm.
What information is obtained about the pt. to include with their EKG? Name, DOB, medication and any cardiac or htn hx.
The EKG recording can appear shaky or move up or down off the baseline if ____ happens. Muscle tremors, movement or interference.
Created by: Iteach4Docs