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Chapter 3

A1 Combining forms and suffixes

acr/o extremities, extreme point, top
acut/o sharp, severe, sudden
amini/o aminion (sac surrounding embryo in the uterus)
angi/o vessel
arteri/o artery
axill/o armpit
blephar/o eyelid
bronch/o 2 tubes left & right (bronchial)from the trachea to enter the lungs
chem/o drug, chemical
chondr/o cartilage
chron/o time
col/o colon
hydr/o water, fluid
isch/o to hold back
lapar/o abdomen,abdominal wall
laryng/o larynx
lymph/o clear fluid that bathes tissue spaces contained in vessels and nodes throughout the body
mamm/o, masto breast
morph/o shape, form
muc/o mucous
my/o muscle
myel/o marrow of the spinal cord
necr/o cells or the whole body
nuetr/ophil a white blood cell
ot/o ear
peritoni/o peritonium (transparent membrane lining cavity of the abdomen and pelvic viscera-folded)
phag/o to eat, swallow
phleb/o vein
plas/o formation, development
pleural thin membrane to protect lungs
pneumon/o lungs
rect/o rectum
splen/o spleen
staphy/o closters
strept/o twisted chains, curved (usually referring to organisms)
thorac/o chest
tonsil/o tonsils
cele/o hernia (bulging)
centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
coccus,cocci berry shaped bacteria (single, plural)
dynia pain
emia blood condition
genesis condition of producing or forming
lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
malacia softening
megaly enlargement
penia deficiency
phobia fear
plasia formation, growth, development
ptosis drooping, falling, prolapse
sclerosis hardening
stasis controlling or stopping
stomy opening to form a mouth
therapy treatment
trophy development, nourishment
er one who
ia condition
ule,ole little, small
um,ium structure, tissue
us structure, substance
y- condition, process
oid resembling, derived from
ose full of, pertaining to
carp/o wrist bones
cib/o meals
cost/o ribs
cutane/o skin
dacy/o fingers, toes
flex/o to bend
duct/o to carry, to lead
furc/o forking,branching
gloss/o tongue
glyc/o sugar
immun/o protection
mort/o death
nat/o birth
nect/o to bind, tie, connect
norm/o rule, order
ox/o oxygen
pu/o pubis,anterior portion of the pubis or hip bone
seps/o infection
somn/o sleep
son/o sound
the/o to put, to place
thyr/o thyroid gland
tep/o place, position, location
tox/o poison
-blast embryonic, immature
-crine to secrete
-drome to run
-fusion coming together, to pour
-gen substance that produces
-lapse to slide, fall or sag
-lysis breakdown, destruction or separation
-meter to meaqsure
-mission to send
-or one who
-oxia oxygen
--partum birth, labor
-pheria to bear or carry (mental state)
-physis to grow
-plasia development, formation
-plasm formation (structure of)
-pnea breathing
-ptosis falling, drooping, prolapse
-stasis stopping, controlling
-trophy development, nourishment
ab- away from
ad- toward
ana- up, apart
ante- before, forward
anti- against
bi- two
brady- slow
cata down
con- with, together
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