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Nationalism Triumphs

In Europe

Providing government assistance to those in need Social Welfare
Who led the Red Shirts Garibaldi
Systematic violent attacks on jewish people were called Pogroms
This person took over the Austrian Empire at 18 years old Francis Joeseph
When William I of Prussia took over as the German ruler he became known as Kaiser
The National Legislative Branch in Russia Duma
Locally elected officials in Russia Zemstvos
Important safety valve in Italy Emigration
Who came up with the Dual Monarchy Ferenc Deak
The goal of what group was to abolish government? Anarchists
Why did William II ask Bismarck to resign He wanted no rivals
Bismarck’s political actions were guided by what? Needs for the state
Man-made or artificial Synthetic
When Italy unified, what kind of government did they form? Constitutional Monarchy
Austria and Hungary came together to form what? Dual Monarchy
This suppressed all NON Russian cultures Russification
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