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Flavin EKG wk2 2019

Flavin EKG Ch 42 week 2 2019

Intensity The electrocardiograph records both the ___ of the electrical impulses and the actual time it takes for each part of the cardiac cycle to occur.
depolarization When the electrical system of the heart stimulates myocardial cells, ____ occurs, resutling in the contraction of the stimulated heart muscle.
precordial ____ leads measure the electrical activity among six specific points on the chest wall and a point within the heart.
standardization has been determined by international agreement so that an ECG can be interpreted in the same way anywhere in the world.
artifact A ___ is an unwanted, erratic movement of the stylus on the paper caused by outside interference.
6 To calculate the heart rate from the ECG recording, count the number of P waves in a ____ second strip (30 large squares) and multiply by 10.
PAC occurs when the atria contract before they should for the next cardiac cycle.
shock An implanted cardioverter-defibrillator, or ICD, monitors the heart rhythm and delivers a(n) ___ to the heart if it detects a dangerous ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation.
stress testing Cardiac ___ is performed to observe and record the patients cardiovascular response to measured exercise challenges.
cardiac event monitor The ______ is a small recording device that can be worn up to 30 days to catch events that are difficult to record in a 24-hour period on a Holter monitor.
The ____ to ____ waves are looked at to calculate heart rate. P
Tachycardia is anything ______. over 100 bpm
Bradycardia is anything _______. below 60 bpm
bpm aka ____________ how many times the heart beats.
S/S of an MI could be: chest pain, SOB, jaw pain, pain in the neck radiating down the left arm.
Is an EKG and EEG the same? NO
Should you consent your patient prior to obtaining an EKG? YES
The name of the heart Dr is? Cardiologist
What does it mean if you have a flat line in one of the spaces on your EKG? The lead did not have good conduction or popped off.
What does using alcohol on the skin do? Removes oils and topical elements from the skin allowing for better conduction.
Lifestyle can have a huge impact on heart disease. What are some things you can change or be mindful of? Diet, manage stress, exercise.
Created by: Iteach4Docs