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Ch 03 O Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

macule, macula small, flat discolored area
patch larger flat discolored area
papule a small solid mass
plaque a solid mass on the surface of the skin
nodule a solid mass that extends deeper into the skin
tumor a larger solid mass
vesicle a smaller blister
bulla a larger blister
pustule a pus-filled blister
abces a localized collection of pus in the body
erosion loss of skin
ulcer a sore
excoriation a scratch
fissure a crack in the skin
scale skin flaking off
crust a dried substance (i.e., blood, pus) on the skin
vascular lesion wounds related to blood vessels
cherry angioma a small blood vessel tumor
telangiectasia (spider angioma) overexpansion of the end of a blood vessel
petechia a small bruise
ecchymosis a larger bruise
cicatrix scar
keloid overgrowth of scar tissue
epidermal tumors tumors on the skin
nevus mole
dysplastic nevus a mole with bad changes or formations
verruca wart
culture and sensitivity (C&S) growing microorganisms in isolation to determine which drug it might respond to
biopsy (Bx) removal of tissue in order to examine it
excisional biopsy removal of an entire lesion for examination
incisional biopsy removal of a portion of a lesion for examination
dermatoscope instrument used to look at the skin
dermatoscopy procedure for looking at the skin
adipocele a hernia filled with fatty tissue
dermatofubroma a fibrous skin tumor
erythrocyanosis a red and/or blue discoloration of the skin
keratogenic causing horny tissue development
keratosis horny tissue condition
cecrosis tissue death
onychia a nail condition
onychocryptosis a ingrown nail
onycholysis the loss of a nail
onychoamlacia abnormal softening of the nail
onychopathy nail disease
onychophagia eating (biting) of the nail
pachyderma tough skin
paronchia a condition of the tissue around a nail
steatoma a fatty tumor
xanthoma a yellow tumor
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