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Yearbook Test


Def. of spine? Where the pages are glued together into the book/ binds the book.
What things are listed on the spine? School name/ City/ State/ Volume/ Theme/ Name of book/ Year
Def. of cover? Intro. to the theme visually & verbally
What things are listed the cover? Theme/ Name of book/ Year
Def. of endsheets? 2 pgs. at the front & back of the book/ made of heavy material (such as cardstock)/ helps glue front and back lid to the rest of the book/ further develops the visual and verbal theme/ front endsheet will have the table of contents.
Def. of Flat? 8 pgs. that make up one side of a signature.
Deff. of signature? 16 pg. printed unit.
Def. of natural spread? -Middle spread is side by side- ex: 8 & 9 next to each other in the yearbook.
Def./things listed on title pg.? Theme statement/ Year/ Name of book/ Volume #/ School name/ Street address/ Phone #/ Website/ Student population/ Staff population/ Principals name/ Each classes population (8th, 9th, etc....)/ Athletic league
Def. of opening copy? Intro. & explanation of the theme statement. (show not tell)
Def. of Dividers? They separate sectionss and have a consistent design.
What should always be the SAME? -Part of speech.
Def. of closing? Mirror the design of the opening -except it wraps things up.
Def. of theme development? The device that binds the book together.
How can a theme statement be visual? Typography/ Color scheme/ Graphic elements/ Photography
How can a theme statement be verbal? Content: story/copy/ Themes/ MODS/ Headlines
A great theme relates to..... The school, year & is clear to the reader.
The following are?.... -Index letter indicator -Secondary story package (MODS) -Folios (pg. # + content) -Theme statement -Opening & closing copy -Dividers -Title pg. -Endsheets -Cover -theme visuals
What are the different kinds of sections? Chronological order/ Traditional order/ Theme based
Your theme must be... Recognizable/ Repeatable/ Relevant/ Refreshing (Original)/ Realistic
Def. of emboss? Raised up.
Def. of debossed? Pushed in.
Def. of pride? Themes about the school that the school takes pride in.
Def. of play on names? When the theme statement is a play on words regarding the school name.
Def. of location? When the theme statement makes a reference to the location of the school.
Def. of double edged? Same difference.
Def. of slogan/catch phrase? When the theme is a slogan or catch phrase regarding the school
Ex. of a alliteration section spin off? Student life= Independence/ Academics= Intelligence/ etc...
Ex. of use of letters section spin off? Theme= X (roman numeral for 10)/ Sports= TENacity/ etc...
Ex. of fill in the blank section spin off? Theme= Make Yourself/ Student life= Create Yourself/ etc...
Ex. of add a word section spin off? Theme= worth/ Student life= Worth Repeating/ Academics= Worth The Work/ etc...
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