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Chapter 2

Hair Shaft Tallo del Cabello
Pore of Sweat Glands Poro de la Grandula Sudoripara
Epidermis(Touch) Epidermis(Tacto)
Erector Pili Muscle Musculo Erector del Pelo
Dermis(Temperature) Dermis(termperatura)
Sebaceous Glands Glandulas Sebaceas
Hypodermis Hipodermis
Sweat Gland Glandula Sudoripara
Hair Matrix Matriz del Pelo
Papilla of Hair Follicle Papila del Foliculo Piloso
Hair Cuticle Cuticula del Cabello
Glassy Membrane Membrana Vidriosa
External Sheath Vaina Externa
Corpuscle of Ruffini (Heat) Corpusculo de Ruffini (Calor)
Motor Nerve Nervio Motor
Vater-Pacini(Pacinian) Corpuscle(Heavy Pressure) Corpusculo de Vater-Pacini (Presion Intensa)
Connecive Tissue Tejido Conectivo
Sweat Gland Glandula Sudoripara
Sensory Nerve Nervio Sensitivo
Corpuscle of Krause(cold) Corpusculo de Krause(frio)
Hair Foliculo (Cuticle, Huxley's layer, Henle's layer, External Sheath, Glassy Membrane, Connective Tissue Layer). Foliculo Piloso(Cuticula, Capa de Huxley, Capa de Henle, Vaina Externa, Membrana Vidriosa, Capa de Tejido Conectivo).
Sensory Nerve Nervio Sensitivo
Reticular Layer Capa Reticular
Meissner's Corpuscle(touch) Corpusculo de Meissner(tacto)
Papillary Layer Capa Capilar
Dermal Papillae Papilas Dermicas
Stratum Basale Estratro Basal
Stratum Spinosum Estratro Espinoso
Stratum Glanulosum Estratro Glanuloso
Stratum Lucidum Estratro Lucido
Stratum Corneum Estratro Corneal
Free Nerve Endings Terminales Nerviosas Libres
Created by: cindyz99