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350 CNA Medical Terminology

gastr- stomach (gas truck)
cardi- heart (cards)
megal- enlarged (my gal)
-itis inflammation (I test)
dermat- skin (door mat)
plast- surgical repair (plastic cement)
cerebr- brain (zebra)
path- disease (path)
-ectomy surgical removal (exit tommy)
enter- intestines (enter sign)
-osis any condition (oh sis)
-otomy cut into (oh tommy)
aden- gland (a den)
angi- vessel (angel)
-oma tumor (oh ma)
nephr- kidney (nephew)
hepat- liver (he pats)
arthr- joint (art)
blephar- eyelid (blue fur)
-ologist specialist (hollow chest)
rhin- nose (rhinoceros)
gingiv- gum (gingerbread)
-malacia soft (my late show)
-ology the study of (hollow cheese)
spasm involuntary contraction (spaceman)
-algia pain (algae)
crani- skull (crane)
end- inside, within (the end)
hemi- half (hemisphere)
-oid like (void/alike)
hyper- above, more than normal (high purr)
cyst- sac containing fluid (sister)
chole- bile (coal pile)
hypo- under (hippo)
-scop- observe (scope)
hyster- uterus (his stir)
-ostomy create an opening (one stop tommy)
para- beside, beyond (parachute)
-lysis loosening, destruction (license)
cervic- neck (serve hic)
chondr- cartilage (cone door)
cyan- blue (sign)
hem(at)- blood (hem)
ost- bone (ostrich)
psycho- mind (cycle)
lip- fat (lip)
my- muscle (my eye)
lith- stone (lather)
ophthalm- (opt-) eye (up thumb)
proct- anus (proctor & gamble)
cost- rib (coaster)
-gram record (graham cracker)
acro- extremities (acrobat)
rhexis break, burst (wrecks)
carcin- cancer (car sign)
-penia decrease (pen)
gen- original, production (genesis)
burso- sac (purse sew)
retr(o)- backwards (retreat)
trip- rub, friction (trip)
strept- twist (strap)
-desis binding (thesis)
mani- madness (maniac)
glosso- tongue (glossy)
-trophy development (trophy)
supra- above (soup)
-ptosis falling (toe sis)
-dyn- pain (dinner)
mast- breast (mast)
-rrhaphy suture (raffle)
dent- teeth (dentist)
cephal- head (sieve fall)
auto- self (auto)
epi- upon (a pea)
hydro- water (hydrant)
lobo- section (low bow)
-emesis vomiting (hey mrs)
contra- against, counter (contractor)
-iasis condition (oasis)
trans- through, across (trains)
brady- slow (braid)
-ectasis expansion (egged a sis/x pan)
cyt- cell (sight)
odont- tooth (oh don't)
leuk- white (leukocyte)
-esthesis sensation (has the show)
cantho- angle at the end of the eyelid (can throw)
steno- narrow, contracted (stenographer)
cheil- lip (cow)
-cele hernia (seal)
benign mild, not cancerous (bee 9)
semen seed (seaman)
celio- abdomen (ceiling dome)
erythro- red (wreath throw)
vaso- vessel (vase)
melan- black (melon)
cauda- tail (cod fish)
lingua- tongue (language)
myring- eardrum (my ring)
spondyl- spinal column (spun doll)
ovar- egg (over)
-centesis puncture (cent)
oto- ear (o toe)
bili- bile (bill)
squam- scale (squash)
mening- membrane (manage/mens brains)
cec- blind passage (seek)
macul- spot (mack truck)
-pexy suspension (pecks egg)
onco- tumor (uncle)
or- mouth (oar)
sub- under (submarine)
spiro- coil (sparrow/spiral)
lacrim- tear (lake rim)
viscero- organ (vice row)
lact- milk (lactose)
onych- nail, claw (onyx)
thorac- chest (throw rack)
pyle- gate (pie)
vesic- bladder (vest sick)
sphenic- wedge (sphinx)
myel- marrow, spinal cord (mile sign)
anti- against (ant eye)
myco- fungus (my comb)
hallux great toe (hall x)
physio- nature (physics book)
bucc(o)- cheek (bucket)
palpebr- eyelid (pile of people)
-plasia development (play show)
rug- wrinkle, fold, crease (rug)
aur- ear (r)
acoust(i)- hearing (acoustic/a cue stick)
colp(o)- hollow, vagina (cold bow)
phon- voice, sound (phone)
leio- smooth (lei)
cor heart (core)
ren- kidney (rain)
orchi- testis (orchid)
encephal- brain (hen sieve fall)
thalam- inner chamber (the lamb)
plexus braid (plexiglass)
cilia eyelash (ceiling)
dendr- tree, branching (den door)
phleb- vein (flip chart)
pilo- hair (pile on)
histo- tissue (his toe)
stoma- mouth (stone)
tympan- eardrum (tin pan)
umbilic- naval (a bill lick)
salpingo- tube (sally bingo)
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