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Flavin EKG1 wk1 2019

The sac that surrounds the heart is called the: pericardium
A heart attack is aka: MI
The inner layer of the heart is the: endocardium
The SA node is aka: pacemaker
bpm is also the: number of heart beats
A fast heartbeat over 100 is: tachycardia
Occluded means: blocked
Idiopathic htn is: cause unknown elevated BP
Angioplasty is: a procedure that is used to widen a blood vessel that is narrow or occluded.
What are the cardiac risk factors that one has no control over? Aging, gender, race, family
Lifestyle changes would include moderation of decreasing what? Cholesterol, weight, alcohol
Angina means: chest pain
Edema means: swelling
How many chest leads are there? 6
Why is it called a 12 lead? Because it is capturing 12 different views/angles.
V2 lead goes where? 4th intercostal space
The lead cord and connection to the machine will have "LL". What does it mean? Left leg
Right arm is abbreviated how on your lead? RA
Total ________: A score of less than 180 mg/dL is considered optimal. cholesterol
An ___plaque originates in the artery caused by risk factors associated w/ heart disease (e.g., smoking or htn). atherosclerotic
____, htn is dx if the pt BP is persistently higher than 119 mm Hg systolic and/or 79 mm Hg diastolic. Primary, or essential
___studies can identify occlusions of both veins and arteries from thrombi, emboli, or atherosclerotic plaques. Doppler
idiopathic means: of unknown cause
Approx. ____% of pts that have DVT are asymptomatic. fifty
An MI is identified by pain that last longer than ____ minutes and is not relieved by rest or medication for the chest pain. 30
What medication is given for chest pain? Nitroglycerin
What do you use on the patients skin to prep? ALCOHOL
If the Dr. asked you to get a 30 second rhythm strip you would run what lead? LEAD II
What do you call a heart doctor? CARDIOLOGIST
What position is the patient in for the EKG? SUPINE
What information should be obtained when running an EKG? PT FULL NAME, DOB, DOS, TIME, ALLERGIES, MEDICATIONS, & WAIVER SIGNED
When listening to a BP reading the ______artery is used BRACHIAL
When obtaining a pulse the most common site used is ______ RADIAL
Artifacts are caused by patient: MUSCLE TWITCHING, COUGH, MOVEMENT
A full heart beat consists of what waves? P,Q,R,S,T
_____ is an Irregular heart rhythm. ARRHYTHMIA
A ____ will help kidneys eliminate sodium & water, thereby reducing blood volume. diuretic
A blood test that indicates myocardial damage is? Creatine kinase (CK)
_____ is released in the blood when an MI occurs. Triponin (a protein)
Systolic 12-139 & or diastolic 80-89 is considered: Pre hypertensive
It is a good idea to have your pt's sign a__________. consent form prior to obtaining an EKG.
Chest leads are 1-6. The ___ stands for chest. V
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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