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pathological cond.

ch.5 medical terms

burns tissue injury produced by flame, heat, chemcials, electricity, and gases, and radition
acne vulgaris a common inflammatory disorde seen on the face, chest, back and neck, appears, as paules, pustules and comedos, commonly knoen as acne
carcinoma, basel cell the ost common maligant tumor of the epthelial tissue, occuring most often on areas of the skin exposed to the sun
albinism a condition characterized by absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes
callus a common(usually painless) thickening of the epidermis at sites of external pressure of friction, such as the weight-bearing areas of the feet and on the palmar surface of the hands
eczema an acute or chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by erythema, papules, vesciles, pustules, scales, crusts, or scabs and accompained by intense itching
deramtitis inflammtion of the skin, seen in several forms
carcinoma, squamous cell a maligancy of the squamous(or scalelike) cells of the epithelial tissue, which is a much faster growing cancer than basal cell carcinma and which has a greater potential for metastasis if not treated
gangrene tissue death due to the loss of adequate blood supply, invasion of bacteria, and subsequent decay of enzymes(especiall proteins)-producing an offensive, foul odor
exanthmatous viral dieases a skin eruption or rash accomplained by inflammtion, having specfic diagnostic features of an infections viral diease
herpes zoster(shingles) an acute viral infection characterized buy painful visicular eruptions on the skin folowing along the nerve pathways of underlying spinal or cranial nerves
hyperkeratosis an overgrowth of the horny layer of the epidermis
impetigo contagious superfical skin infection charcterized by serous verciles and pustules filled with milions of staphyloccus or streptoccus bacteria, usaually formng on the face
Kaposi's sarcoma vascular maligant lesions that begin as soft purple-brown nodules or p;aques on the face and oral cavity but can occur anywhere on the body, and gradually spread throughtout the skin
keloid an enlarged, irregulary shaped, and elevated scar that forms due to the presence of large amounts of collagen during the formation of the scar
maligant melanoma maligant skin tumor orginating from melancocytes in preexisting nevi, freckles or skin with pigment, darkly pigmented cancerous tumor
leukoplakia white, hard, thinkened patches firmly attached to the mucous membrane in areas such as the mouth, vulva or penis
actinic keratosis a premaligant, gray or red to brown, hardend lesion caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
seborrheic keratosis appears as brown or waxy yellow wartlike lesion, 5 to 20 mm in diameter, loosely attached to the skin surface
keratosis skin condition in which there is a thickening and overgrowth of the cornified epithelium
nervus a visual accumaltion of melanocytes, creating a flat or rasied rounded macule or paule with definite borders
onychoryptosis ingrown nail, the nail pierces the lateral fold of skin and grows into the demis, causing swelling and pain
onychomycosis a fungal infection of the nails
pediculosis a highly contagious paractic infestion caused by blood-sucking lice
pemphigus a rare incurable disorder manifested by blisters in the mouth and on the skin which spread to invlove large areas of the body, including the chest, face, umbilicus and groin
pilondial cyst a closd sac loacted in the saccroccygel area of the back, sometimes noted at birth as a dimple
psoriasis a common, noninfections, chronic disorder of the skin manifested by slivery-white scales covering round, raised, reddened plawues producing itching(puritus)
rosacea rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin diease that mainly affects the skin of the middle third of the face
tinea more commonly known as ringworm,a chornic fungal infection of the skin that is chacerterized by sacling, itching and sometimes painful lesions
systemic lupus erythematsous a chronic, multisystem, inflammatory diease characterized by lesions of the nervous system and skin, reneal problems and vasculties
scleroderma a gradual thickeing of the dermis and swelling of the hands and feet to a state in which the skin is anchored to the underlying tiisue
sacbis a highly contagious parasitic infestion casued by the "human itch mite" resulting in a rash, puritus and a slightly rasied threadlike skin lines
wart a benign, circumscribed, elevated skin lesion that results from hypertrophy of the epidermis, caused by the human papiloma virus
tinea capitis ringworm of the scalp is more common in children
tinea corporis ringworm of the body is characterized by round patches with elevated red borders of pustules, or vesciles that affect the nonhairy skin of the body
tinea crusis ringworm of the groin is also known as jock itch
tinea pedis ringworm of the foot is also known as athlete's foot
Wood's lamp an ultraviolet light used to examine the scalp and skin for the purpose of observing fungal spores
skin graft a process of placing tissue on a recipient site, taken from a donor site, to provide the protective mechanisms of skin to an area unable to regenerate skin(as in third-degree burns)
skin biopsy the remvoal of a small piece of tissue from a skin lesion for the purpose of examining it under a microscope to confirm or establish a diagnosis
allergy testing various procedures used to identify specfic allerfies in an individual by exposing the person to a very small quanti of the allergen
electrosurgery the removal or destruction of tissue with an electrical current
escharotomy an incision made into the necrotic tissue resultng from a servere burn
fulguration a techinque using an electrical spark to burn and destroy tissue, used primarily for the removal of surface lesions
liposcution aspiration of fat through a suction cannula or curette to alter the body contours
cautery heat or casutic that burns and scars the skin (coagulation of tissue)
electrodesiccation a techinque using an electrical spark to burn and destroy tissue, used primarily for the removal of surface lesions
dermatoplasty skin transplanation to a body surface damaged by injury or diease
dermabarasion removal of the epidermis and a portion of the dermis with sandpaper or brushes to eliminate superficial scars or unwanted tatoos
debridement removal of debris, foregin objects, and damaged or necrotic tissue from a wound to prevent infection and to promote healing
cryosurgery a noninvasive treatment that uses subfrezzing temperature to frezze and destroy the tissue
curettage and electrodesiccation a combination procedure of curettage that invloves scarping away abnormal tissue and electrodesiccation, which involves destroying the tumor base with a low-voltage electrode
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