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Health Careers 1

works under the supervision of the dentist, prepares patients for exam dental assistant
cleans the patient's teeth, educates patient on oral care dental hygienist
works in a doctors office/clinic, obtains patient's height/weight, vital signs and patient information Medical Assistant
insertion of an artificial airway in a patient who is not breathing intubation
responds to emergencies in the community, six month training period and passing of national exam EMT
Abbreviation for Certified Athletic Trainer ATC
The main doctor a patient sees for their healthcare Primary Care Provider
a graduate degree which takes approximately 1-2 years to complete Master's degree
What is the educational degree required to become a Dentist Doctorate's degree
Which occupation is responsible for operating the heart-lung machine Perfusionist
Which occupation preps the patient for sugery Surgical Technologist
What does the abbreviation D.D.S stand for Doctor of Dental Surgery
Which occupation develops and supervises a rehabilitation program for an injured athlete Athletic Trainer
Which occupation responds to emergencies in the community and is capable of inserting IVs and administering medication Paramedic
entrance requirements for a 4 year college college prep diploma
Which two educational degrees are considered undergraduate degrees Associate's and Bachelor's
financial assistance awarded for academic merit (good grades) or for something you have accomplished (volunteer work, sports ) scholarship
financial aid which needs to be paid back with interest loan
the patient goes home the same day the surgery is performed outpatient surgery
A Physical Therapy Assistant requires a 2 year degree. What is this type of degree called? Associate's
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