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Medical Term.

Medical Term flashcards

AA Amino Acid
a.c acute
AD,a.d Alzheimers diesease
am,AM At Morning
AS,a.s auris sinistra or left ear
AU,a.u auris utraque [L.], each ear or both ears.
BE Abbreviation for L. bis in die, twice a day.
BID,b.i.d,bid Abbreviation for amino acid; aminoacyl.
BP Blood Pressue
BR Bromine
BRP Bathroom privigliges
BM Bone marrow
Bx biopsy
C(with line over it) with
CA,Ca Cancer
cap Community-acquired pneumonia
disc,DC,d.c a disk-shaped piece of specialized tissue that separates the bones of the spinal column.
DNR Do Not ressesitate
Dx,dx diagnostic
ED effective dose
ER Emergency Room
Fx,fx Function
g,gm gram
h hemoglobin and hematocrit,
h.s at bedtime
inj Injurious
I and O,I/O Intraosseous infusion
IV intravenous
K+,K Potassium
mg milligram
N&V nausea and vomiting
Na+,Na sodium
NC Normocephalic, atraumatic
NPO nothing by mouth(oral)
NPO p MN nothing by mouth after midnight
oint.,ung ointment
OOB out of bed
OTC over the counter
oz ounce
P Pulse
p.c post-food (after)
pH Pulmonary hypertension
PM,p.m Past morning
PO,po,p.o by opening
PRN When Necessary
q.am everyday before noon
q.h each hour
q.i.d once a day
QNS Abbreviation for quantity not sufficient.
q.s quantum sufficit,
r,R resperation
Rx to take
S(with line above) without
SOB shortness of breath
ss Sjogren's Syndrome
stat Now or immediately.'
syr. syrup
susp. Suspension
sup.,supp. supplement
T thoratic vertebrae
tab tablet
tbsp tablespoon
TID,t.i.d 3 times a day
TPR temp,pressure,resperation
tsp teaspoon
Tx Treatment
VS Vital Signs
W/C,w/c wheelchair
seb sweat glands
cutane,dermat,derm skin
oste,oss bones
chondr cartilage
arthr joints
ligament ligament
myel bone marrow
Fasci Fasicia
my Muscle
ten,tend,tendin tendons
encephal brain
ot,Acoust ear
ocul,ophtalm eye
Neur nerves
Myel spinal cord
Arteri Arteries
hem,hemat blood
Card,Cardi heart
Pheleb,ven vein
capill Capillaries
Lymph Lymph
Splen spleen
Thym Thymus
Tonsil Tonsils
Larying Larynx
Pneum,pneumon lungs
nas nose
pharing Pharynx
Trache Trachea
Sinus Sinuses
Estophag esophagus
col A craterlike area of the interproximal oral mucosa joining the lingual and buccal interdental papillae.
hepat liver
or operating room
pancrat pancreas
enter intestine
gastr stomach
nephr,ren vertebrae
ureter describe acute infections involving the nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, and bronchi
urethra The tube that leads from the bladder and transports and discharges urine outside the body
cyst,vesic abnormal, closed sac-like structures within a tissue that contain a liquid, gaseous, or semisolid substance
adren gland
gonad overies
pancreast pancreasr
parathyroid A gland that regulates calcium, located behind the thyroid gland in the neck. ... They are plastered against the back of the thyroid and therefore at risk for being accidentally removed during thyroidectomy.
pineal A small gland that is located near the center of the brain. This gland secretes melatonin, and it may therefore be part of the body's sleep-regulation apparatus. Also known as pineal body.
pituit A gland located at the base of the brain that produces a number of hormones, including those that regulate growth and reproductive functions
thym mind
thyroid thyroid
orch,orchid,test,testicul testicules
oophor,ovari ovaries
hyster,metr,metri,uter uterus
A,AN- not,without
Ab- away from
Ad- at
Ana- again
Ante- Describing something as positioned in front of another thing
anti- Describing something as 'against' or 'opposed to' another
append- appendix
bi-,bin- double
brady- slow, delayed, tardy
contra- against, in opposition
di- twice or double or twofold,
dis- separation (
ecto-,exo-,estra- outside
endo- inside, within, internal
epi- on, upon, at, by, near, over, on top of, toward, against, among."
erythr- substance that is formed especially in the kidney and stimulates red blood cell formation
glyc- sugar/glucose
hyper- Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung.
hypo- a colloquial abbreviation of hypodermic.
im- intramuscular
infra- below
iso- equal
macro- large
mal- bad
meso- middle
meta- after,between,over
micro- small
mono- The participation or involvement of a single element or part.
multi- many
mut- discourage
neo- new
-al pertaining to
-ase enzymes
-blast An immature precursor cell of the type indicated by the prefix. preceding it.
-centesis puncture and aspiration of.
-cidal destruction or killing
-clast something that breaks
-crit seperate
-cyte a cell
-ectomy surgical removal
-emia condition of blood
-emesis vomiting
-gen,-genisis,-genic "precursor of."
-glia binding gelatinous medium
-gram written ot picture
-ia condition
-iac,-ic,-ior pertaining to
-ism A condition, disease, or intoxication.
itia,-itis inflammation.
-ology "the study or science of
-lyte "substance capable of or resulting from decomposition
-lytic a word termination denoting lysis of the substance indicated by the stem to which it is affixed.
-mania obsessive preoccupation with something.
-megaly enlargment
-meter instrument for measuring.
-odia concerning the heart" is "cardiacus"
-ologist knowlage in a particular subject
-oma tumor
-opia vision condition
-opsy view of
-orrhea flow or discharge
-orrhexis rupture
-osis condition, usually abnormal
-ostomy surgical creation of an artificial opening.
-otomy cutting oportation
-oxia oyxegen
-pathy disease; emotion
-sclerosis hardening
-scopy visual examination
-sepsis putrefaction
-spasm contraction of muscle
-stasis to stop
-tomy processs of cutting
-tropic turning
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