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A & P Ch. 8

Downregulated Decreased
Epinephrine Nuerohormone which stimulates the heart
Glucagon Hormone excreted by the pancreas which causes the breakdown of glycogen in the liver.
Hormonal Control Endocrine organs are stimulated by hormones from other endocrine organs
Hormones Chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine glands
Humoral Control Levels of various bodily substances are monitored to maintain homeostasis
Insulin Promotes glucose uptake in body tissues
Steroid Hormones Lipid hormones (fatty)
Upregulated Increased
Adrenal Glands Pair of glands on top of the kidneys
Ovaries Female sex glands
Pancreas Thin gland behind the stomach.....secretes insulin and glucagon.....also assists with digestion
Parathyroid Gland When low calcium levels occur, these glands secrete parathyroid hormones
Pineal Gland Releases the sleep hormone melatonin
Pituitary Gland Pea-sized gland which activates a metabolic response
Scrotum Sac encasing the testes
Testes Male sex glands
Thymus Gland Secretes thymosin, a hormone vital to the immune system
Thyroid Gland Gland located below the larynx, secretes thyroid hormones and calcitonin
Tropic Hormones Pituitary hormones that act on other endocrine glands, tropins
Addison's Disease Hyposecretion of adrenal hormones causing weakness, bronze skin, kidney damage, low BP etc.
Dwarfism Pituitary gland does secrete enough growth hormones. Height is stunted.
Hyperthyroidism Enlarged thyroid gland in neck
Hypothyroidism Underactive thyroid gland
Insulin resistance The body's insulin receptors are downregulated, so the glucose levels of the body increase
Neonatal Hypothyroisism Occurs in children and infants
Peripheral Neuropathy Disease of the peripheral nerves leading to muscle pain, numbness or weakness
Tetany Sustained muscular contraction
Type I Diabetes Mellitus Juvenile onset diabetes
Type II diabetes Mellitus Adult onset diabetes
Created by: Andrearoberts