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The European MA

Chapter 13 Section 1-4

What is Feudalism? Feudalism is a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations.
What is Chivalry? Chivalry is the code of conduct for a knight.
Who was Charlemagne? Charlemagne was a Germanic king.
Why was Charlemagne so important? Charlemagne united the Germanic tribes.
What were the roles of women? Women took care of the children and the house.
Who had the most power? The Pope and the king.
Explain the effects of the Germanic invasions? Loss of cities, Trade declined, Learning declined, Population Shifts.
What role did the church have on the medieval life? The church twists words and can send people to hell.
The church's ability to deny people from going to heaven... Excommunication
A period of time in European history from about 500 to 1500 AD... Medieval Times
Eric the Red and Leif Ericson were members of a group often called... Norsemen
Mock battles in which knights practiced their fighting skills which can lead to death,,, Tournaments
Two groups that didn't have many rights. Serfs and women
Things found in a manor Church, farm, castle, village, forest
Three masters knights were supposed to defend The king, lord, and serfs
A medieval manor was... Self sufficient
Only a boy of ___________ can become a knight Noble Birth
The main religion and type of government during the Medieval times Christianity and Monarchy
The steps to knighthood... Page, Squire, Knight
True or False, after Charlemagne's death, the kingdom was not split False
Throughout the Middle Ages, people couldn't... Read and Write
What signaled the beginning of the European Middle Ages? The collapse of Western Roman Empire.
The most powerful institution during the Middle Ages was the... Church
During the Middle Ages, what was the power struggle between? The King and the Pope.
A Christian religious community in which members devote their lives to God. Monastery
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