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What is pharmacology? the study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties, and effects on living organisms
Classification? each drug can be categorized under a broad subcategory or subcategories
How are drugs classified? by their chemical composition, by how they work, by the disease they treat
What is generic name? reflects the chemical name but in shorter form
What is brand name? the name the manufacturer uses to market the drug
What are indications? the reason for administering a medication or performing a treatment
What are contra-indications? a factor that prevents the use of a medication or treatment
What is a dose? the amount of drug to be given at one time
What is mechanism of action? how a drug works, very technical and geared to the pharmacist
What are effects? the desired results of administration of a medication
What are side effects? effects that are not desired and can occur in addition to desired effects
What are the body systems? skeletal, muscular, circulatory, reproductive, endocrine, digestive, urinary, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory
What are drugs? the chemical substance that cause changes, physical or emotional in an individual
What is medicine? a drug used to prevent, treat, or cure an illness or pain
Drugs have 3 qualities to be a medicine, what are they? effective, safeness, side effects
Prescription? written order by the doctor
Over the counter? purchased without a prescription
Analgesics? relieve pain
Antihistamines? help allergies
Antibiotics? kill bacteria
Antacids? relieve heartburn
What is sublingual? medicine that goes under the tongue
What is oral? the drug or medicine is swallowed and absorbed through the stomach and intestinal tract
What is FDA? food and drug administration
What is inhalation? a gas or aerosol inhaled by the patient
What is injection? the drug is injected into a muscle mass
What are other routes of administration? nasogastric tube, G-tube, peg tube, rectal
Tablets? compressed powder shaped into a disk
Spray? Ex: nitroglycerin sublingual spray
liquid/vaporized? Ex: albuterol by small volume nebulizer
gel? substance the patient swallows
suspension? drug particles mixed
fine powder for inhalation? Ex: albuterol by hand-held metered-dose inhaler
What are drug forms? cap (capsule), elix (elixir), gtt (drop), supp(suppository), susp(suspension), tab(tablet)
What are the four phases of pharmacokinetics? 1. drug absorption into the bloodstream 2. drug distribution to their site of action 3. drug metabolism by the body 4.drug elimination from the body
What are the factors influencing metabolism? liver function, effects of the disease, effects of age, interactions of 2 or more drugs
What helps with medication metabolism? the liver
What are the steps to administering a medication? obtain the order, confirm the order, select the proper medication, verify form and route, inform patient of order, recheck the medication
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