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French Revolution

What is an absolute monarchy? a monarch whose power is not limited by a representative assembly
What is a tithe? 10% of one's income paid to the church
What was the First Estate? The top tier of French society, made up of church leaders and clergy
Who were in the Second Estate? Nobles
What % of the French people were considered the Third Estate? 97%
Who were in the Third Estate? bourgeoisie, proletariat, and peasants
Which group was made up of middle class citizens that were neither noble or poor? bourgeoisie
Which group of citizens was made of city workers, such as bakers, tailors, and carpenters? proletariat
What did it mean to be a courtier? someone who lived at the palace and attended to the royal court
Who was the Dauphin? the prince who is next in line to be king
What was the Estates-General? the legislative body before the F.R. with representatives from all 3 Estates
What was pledged in the Tennis Court Oath? the National Assembly agreed to write a new constitution
Someone who opposes rapid change and holds traditional values is what? conservative
Someone who favors extreme change is what? radical
Which French invention was designed to make execution faster and less painful? guillotine
Who were the royalists? supporters of the old regime
What does it mean to be exiled? to be forced to leave one's own country to live somewhere else
What was the National Assembly? the legislative body formed to represent the whole nation
Why did people storm the Bastille? to raid the weapons storage to prepare for revolution
What was the name of the grand palace built by Louis XIV? Versailles
Who did Marie Antoinette marry? King Louis XVI
Who was known as the Sun King? King Louis XIV
Who was Louis XVI's grandfather? King Louis XV
Who was Robespierre? the Jacobin leader who ran France with a Reign of Terror
Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? the emperor of France for 15 years at the end of the French Revolution
Created by: A Gausman