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States inspection

we gonna win

Cartridge .30-06
Action Bolt Action
Rate of Fire 10-15 rounds/ minute
Muzzle Velocity 2,800 f/s
Effective Firing Range 1,000 yards
Maximum Firing Range 5,500with .30 M1 Cartridge
Feed System 5-round stripper clip
Sights Flip-up rear sight graduated to 2,700 yards, Barleycorn-type front sight M1904A3: Aperture rear sight, barleycorn-type front sight
Four Life saving steps Clear the airway Stop the bleeding Treat for shock Protect the wound
Blue on a map is Water
Green on a map is Vegetation
Black on a map is Man-made objects
Brown on a map is Elevation and relief
President Donald J. Trump
Vice-President Michael Pence
Mayor T. Carter Williams
Senator Mark Warner
Headquarters for all armed forces Pentagon
Elements of a two part command Predatory and execution
2 Burdens of a leader Responsibility and accountability
Types of Flags Post, Garrison, and Storm
Birthday of the Army June 14th, 1775
Length of a quick time step 30 inches
What is JROTCs mission To motivate young people to be better citizens
What is the name of our rifle m1903 Springfield Bolt Action Rilfe
Created by: drilldev
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