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APLang H.Eng3 ch 1-2

factious causing disagreement; belligerent
ignoble dishonorable; shameful
aegis shield; protection
perspicacity keenness of judgement
fervent eager; earnest; passionate
rectify correct; remedy
enervate to weaken
besiege to overwhelm; to surround and attack
ephemeral lasting only a brief time; short-lived; transient
altruism generosity; magnanimity; unselfishness
carrion decaying flesh
opulent rich; wealthy
impotent powerless; helpless
maelstrom whirlpool; turbulence; agitated state of mind
emendation a correction
chagrin embarrassment
bauble a showy but useless item; trinket
diaphanous very sheer and light; transparent
gloat to look or think about with great satisfaction; revel
impediment barrier; obstruction
bestial savage; brutal
effete worn out; barren
shard fragment
nihilism total rejection of the established laws.
litany any long, repetitive, or dull recital
moratorium a suspension of activity; postponement
zealous fervent; fanatical
desiccate to dry out; dehydrate
wrenching causing mental, or physical pain; agonoizing
interminable tiresome and long; tedious
arable suitable for cultivation; fertile
truncate to shorten
ubiquitous omnipresent
vernacular everyday language
equanimity composure; calmness
metamorphous transformation or dramatic change; mutation
donnybrook a fight; uproar
nonchalant unconcerned; indifferent
vestige a trace or evidence of something that once existed
interlocutor someone who participates in conversation
procrustean strictly disregarding individual circumstances; ruthless.
stygian dark and forbidding; shadowy
sophistry a delibrately deceptive argument; chicanery; ruse
carte blanche boundless authority; unlimited poer to act
incantation a chant; a recited magical spell
rife abundant; prevalent
nomenclature terminology
brigand robber or bandit
contemptuous arrogant; haughty
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