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Mid term study guide

industrial revolution-

Governments should keep hands off and let business owners choose what is made. Laissez- Faire
Economist that would argue that poverty was because of to big population. Malthus
Ricardo and Malthus' views on society, and economics became known as dismal science
Money and or other things of value capital
What was the first factory for? clothes
This person and his ideas aligned more with today's American views Bentham
In a communist economy, who controls the means of production? The Government
Who controls the economy in a capitalist environment? Wealthy business owners
In what country did the industrial revolution start? Great Britian
What law encouraged people to buy small farms? The Enclosure act
What did Marx propose to get rid of? class system
What invention led to the industrial revolution? Seed drill
Who is the father of communism? Marx
Poor working people often lived in Tenements
What did Malthus think was wasteful? Vaccines
Urbanizanation Making and area more urban
Proleteriat Workers or working class people regarded collectively
Created by: SarahVanDam16