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Introduction Baking

Introduction to Baking Test

Blend of half “soft” (low protein) and half hard (high protein) wheat -most common type of flour All purpose flour
Thick sweet syrup made from cornstarch corn syrup
Increases the volume of a dough or by adding air or other gas Leavener
Steel blade used to cut dough or used to cut soft ingredients such as butter Bench scraper
Harder or stronger than all purpose flour because if has more protein in it. Bread flour
A mixture of egg and water or milk; brushed on top of breads and pastries to give a glossy sheen Egg wash
Used to create a decorative edge on iced cakes Cake comb
Baking powder Chemical leavener
work dough by hand Knead
Yeast, a tiny single celled organism Organic leavener
Box that holds dough as it rises; thermostats to control heat and steam Proofer
Made from Cassava Root, a starchy tropical tuber; used to thicken fruit pie and to make pudding Tapioca
Steam and air Pysical leavener
Sugar ground into fine easily dissovible powder Confectionary sugar
Used to make cakes; has less protein; is a safter flour Cake flour
A protein processed from the bones, skin and connective tissue or animals Glatin
Log stretchy strands that trap carbon dioxide given off by yeast. This developed by kneading the dough Guten
Refined from sugar cane or sugar beets, white sugar Ganulated sugar
grease-resistant, nonstick, heatproof paper; for lining pans Parchment paper
Refrigerated cabinet used to control fermentation (growth of dough) Retarder
Secret fact about Ms. Bevins Her favorite color is PINK!
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