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PTCB questions

Correct DEA number add the numbers in the first, third, and fifth position. Then add the numbers in the second, fourth, and sixth positions; multiply this sum by two. Add both sums together, and the correct number should be the last number.
Which of the following is not a side effect of glucocorticoids? A. Hypotension B. Hypokalemia C. Impaired wound healing D. Peptic ulcer disease Hypotension
Which drug classification should not be taken with potassium-sparing diuretics? A. ACE inhibitors B. Beta-blockers C. Calcium channel blockers D. Nitrates ACE inhibitors
A pharmacy contracts to buy the majority of its formulary from a particular wholesaler. What type of agreement is this? A. Preferred agreement B. Preferred vendor contract C. Preferential agreement D. Prime vendor agreement Prime vendor agreement
Final volume formula Final volume × % Strength (expressed as a decimal) will yield the amount of active ingredient in grams
What is the established (official) United States adopted name of a drug called? Generic name
Which of the following is a federal program for patients older than 65 years of age or with certain diseases? Medicare is a federal program for individuals older than age 65 years.
What is the purpose of a group purchasing organization (GPO)? Negotiates prices for hospital pharmacies
Which reference book contains the USP and NF drug standards and dispensing requirements? Drug Topics Orange Book
Which of the following would not be a correct auxiliary label for a patient taking doxycycline? Avoid dairy products (Doxycycline is the only tetracycline that can be taken with dairy products.)
How long is a DEA Form 222 valid after it has been written? A DEA Form 222 is valid for 60 days after being written by the pharmacist in charge at a pharmacy.
What type of inventory identifies the actual quantity of a specific medication on hand at a particular time? Perpetual inventory
Which of the following products is not available as a transdermal patch? A. Catapres B. Duragesic C. Nitroglycerin D. Tegretol Tegretol is available as a chewable tablet, an oral tablet, and a suspension.
Which of the following pieces of legislation is known as the "prescription drug amendment"? The Durham-Humphrey Amendment clearly defined prescriptions and over-the counter medications. A prescription medication is required to bear the federal legend on the container.
What is the meaning of HSA? A health savings account (HSA) combines the benefits of both traditional and Roth 401(k)s and IRAs for medical expenses.
Created by: Hollyzuzula